You’ll love this cartoon-themed hotel three hours from Binghamton


Did you know that the world’s first Cartoon Network Hotel is located just three hours from Binghamton?

Many people have recently been asking for recommendations of where to take their kids for spring break or to celebrate the upcoming end of the school year. Places accessible by car and at a reasonable price.

Although I have never been to the Cartoon Network Hotel in Lancaster, PA, I am familiar with the property and its location. The Cartoon Network chose Lancaster to be the first place in the world to open one of its hotels in January 2020 and friends who took their kids said they all had a blast.

I can’t think of a better place to get away with your kids than Lancaster, PA. It will only take you about three hours to get there from the Sothern level and it’s like stepping into an entirely different world. Amish plowing fields, restaurants that serve copious amounts of home-style food, shops, incredibly cozy cafes, bakeries, museums, and, of course, the Cartoon Network Hotel.

Located directly on the Lincoln Highway (Route 30) in Lancaster, the Cartoon Network Hotel is packed with entertainment and activities to keep your kids busy, but if you want to venture out, it’s on what I can only describe as our version of the Vestal Parkway…times five.

Lincoln Highway has restaurants, shops, an amusement park, theaters, two malls and if you only drive one street in either direction you will find yourself surrounded by Amish fields and farm animals of all sorts. Lancaster is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit with the family.

Check out this cartoon-themed hotel just three hours from Binghamton

Just three hours from the Southern Tier, the Cartoon Network Hotel in Lancaster, PA is fun for kids of all ages!

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