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Here is an overview where to dine during New York Fashion Week 2022.


Yoshino by Sushi Master Tadashi Yoshida is part of New York’s largest sushi openings to date.

The restaurant is the Debut in the United States From one of Japan’s Most Respected Sushi Masters and former owner of Sushi-ya no Yoshino and Sushi without Yoshinowho has been acclaimed as one of best sushi restaurants outside tokyo.

His meticulous approach to sourcing and pairing ingredients and his exceptional skill in balancing flavor and texture have earned him an international reputation as one of the leading forces in high culinary craftsmanship in the art of making sushi.

Chef Yoshida presents his techniques in a 21-course omakase service, combine classic edo-mae style sushi with subtle French influenceserved on a 10-seat sushi counter composed of a single piece of hinoki wood This is over 300 years.


molluscs is a recently opened high design seafood restaurant at Meat packing quarter with an extensive, impeccably executed menu and a signature dish from Moldsserved in 35 imaginative sauces.

The menu was designed by Brand Manager Gianmaria Sapia and Executive Chef Christina Bonilla (Zuma, Atla, Clock Tower), with great attention to detail in flavor and presentation.

The restaurant also features a beautifully designed and well stocked taupe marble cocktail bar where Beverage Director Kate Uglovaformerly of The Aviary -part of the Alinea Group— in Chicago, creates cocktails with complex flavors and unusual ingredients.

The beautifully designed interior features large black mirrors and blown glass chandeliers anchor the dining room in shapes reminiscent of jellyfish and molded waves causing a feeling of the high seas.

The restaurant is furnished with custom leather and velvet seats.

The oval

The ovumIa Chef’s tasting counter with 30 seats nestled in La Devozione at Chelsea Marketwas conceptualized by Giuseppe Di Martino, Third generation owner of renamed Pastificio Di Martino to take diners on a culinary journey for the best use of Di Martino’s varied pasta shapes with imported and local seasonal ingredients.

Each dish of seven-course pasta tasting menu is based on classic Italian recipes, reinvented by Giuseppe and Executive Chef Alessio Rossetti in modern and experimental manners.

Every aspect of every dish is steeped in specificity, starting with the uniqueness of dry pasta shapes paired with specific ingredients and flavor notes.

Dishes are presented with bespoke tableware and Coveredand Zalto Glasswareall designed to enhance the dining experience.

The courses are paced in such a way that the chef can serve without problem up to fifteen guests at a timeincluding parties with different start times.

As the perfect pasta is served al denteGiuseppe has devised a method of serving at The Oval to allow diners to indulge in pasta at his peak texture, Between 10 and 40 seconds when the dish is finished.


Jungikthe highly acclaimed two Michelin star restaurant of World renowned chef Jung Sik Yim was the first to introduce new korean kitchen in New York.

The Tribeca Kitchen is run by Executive Chef Daeik Kim (Culinary Institute of America) who trained as a sous-chef for two years under Suyoung Park, winner of the 2021 Michelin Guide Young Chef Award Blanc Pain New York.

Jungsik is included in The listit is 2022 Top 1000 Best Restaurants in the World and highlights a nine-course signature menu with additional options available as well as a award-winning wine list and craft cocktails.

The signature menu has consistently seen small variations in presentation and flavor profiles since the restaurant opened while maintaining the signature Jungsik quality.


Located in the heart of Midtown East, just blocks from the United Nations, MIFUNE is the Michelin-recognized Japanese restaurant that emphasizes Neo-washoku kitchen.

The kitchen is run by Executive Chef Tomohiro Urata (three Michelin stars La Maison Troisgros in Roanne).

His signature style infuses French culinary techniques and flavors into Japanese cuisine and is served both à la carte and in omakase tasting menus that change every nightcreating a entirely unique dining experience for each seat.

Sushi Amane

Hidden in the underground level of MIFUNE is Michelin starred Sushi AMANOT, an eight-seat sushi bar run by Executive Chef Tomoyuki Hayashi (Matsuiri, Sushi AZABU).

At Sushi AMANE, Chef Hayashi reigns supreme over creativity and has incredible surprises in store for you, such as nama-yuba and Japanese uni with Kaluga caviar.

Using only wild fish from Japan and other countries around the world, Chef Hayashi omakase sushi experience is a progression that consists of four small dishes, nine Nigiri, tamago, hand roll and miso soup and changes daily depending on market availability.

He seasons his rice specifically for each session using aged akazu vinegar.

The omakase sushi experience is priced at $230 and will have two seats per day from Tuesday to Saturday, at 6 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.

Chief Guo

just opened the August 16e, CHIEF GOU is the first Manhattan of Chinese Chef Guo Wenjunwho began his culinary training at the age of 14 under the tutelage of Chinese chef Ding Guangzhouseventh-generation disciple in the line of royal chefs, in the discipline of imperial Chinese cuisine.

In his forty years of careerChief Guo has held positions as Executive Chef to Platinum Seven-Star Beijing Palace International Hotelthe Diaoyutai Garden Villa International Clubhas been recognized by China as a Elite Master of Chinese Culinary Arts and won the Gold Medal at the Asian Cooking Competition.

The restaurant will present its owner culinary system who has been recognized by the Chinese government and its unique cuisine brand, combining Chinese imperial cuisine and classic Western cuisine to create its Royal Cuisine Healthy Cooking System.

The dishes are prepared with healthy, organicand green ingredients, emphasizing nutritional value and a balanced meal.

The food is prepared simply to allow the flavors of the high quality ingredients to speak for themselves.

Its cuisine is served in the form of nineteen-course tasting menuincluding 15 savory dishes, three tea dishesand one dessert.

Liman New York

Liman New York is the exceptional, Greco-Mediterranean gastronomic destination located in the heart of Rockefeller Center.

Lead by Chief Executive-Partner MJ AlamLimani New York creates a truly exceptional dining experience for its customers, showcasing clean Mediterranean flavors highlighting whole fish flown daily from the Mediterranean.

Upon entering the main dining room, patrons will find themselves taken to the Greek islands. Marked by a beautiful white marble barthere is a large dining room with high ceilings, white leather seats, and one beautiful blue infinity pool.

Outside the restoration offers a bird’s eye view from Rockefeller Center – in the summer there are shaded umbrellas, and in the fall and winter, individual radiators—allowing guests to admire the activities of the ice rink and the iconic Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.

At Limani, one will find an impeccably curated selection of specialty cocktails and a world wine list.

Limani New York has been a favorite of many celebrities, political dignitaries and many Saturday Night Live actors regularly frequent the restaurant as NBC is located just one block away at 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

Hortus NYC

Hortus NYC i, recognized by MichelinIt is a sleek and modern Asian restaurant that emphasizes an avant-garde atmosphere and a menu of carefully selected dishes that blend the flavors of Southeast Asia.

The menu, designed by Executive Chef Lenny Moon (Jungsik, Pado, Bari) takes diners on an eclectic culinary adventure by infusing pan-Asian flavors with European techniques.

The restaurant has a split-level dining room and a hidden garden, which includes both heaters and air conditioning to allow guests to enjoy a meal in this picturesque space whatever the weather.

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