Vancouver’s Mott 32 restaurant opens in old Trump hotel


A restaurant resurrection has taken place in Vancouver.

It has been several months of turmoil for Mott 32 in Vancouver. The upscale Chinese restaurant – a branch of the brand launched by Maximal Concepts in Hong Kong – closed in the summer of 2020 amid the pandemic and the closure of the downtown Trump Hotel.

However, in recent weeks activity has picked up inside the lavish restaurant, which takes its name from the address of New York’s first Chinese convenience store dating back to 1891 and is known for its upscale interpretations of traditional dishes, including the roast duck and the elegant dim sum.

The restaurant closed in March 2020, reopened on June 24 of the same year, only to display a paper sign on August 27 stating that Mott 32 Vancouver was “temporarily” closed and that the closure was “unrelated to COVID. -19 “.

The Trump International Hotel closed in early April 2020, along with several other hotels in Vancouver, at the start of the coronavirus pandemic in the city, but word came in late August that the hotel would be closed indefinitely, followed by filing. of the hotel operator’s balance sheet. .

Mott 32 diners never had to use the doors of the Trump Hotel to access the restaurant – a likely advantage for some diners who felt reluctant about the connection – and with the hotel still closed (a another brand is supposed to take over in 2022) this access point remains a plus for the resuscitated restaurant.

Inside, based on photos shared on social media by those with access to the preview tastings, the high-end interiors of Mott 32 remain unchanged and indications have been given that there will be dishes. familiar to the menu and faces among the staff. The restaurant reportedly reopened on December 2, although we were unable to confirm further details.

Among those involved in the renewed Mott 32 are sommelier Robert Stelmachuk and Eric Yang, the latter who left Mott 32 some time ago to open the now closed Blossom on Robson Street.

Currently, Mott 32’s online presence is rather low key; the old Instagram and Facebook accounts have not been updated since August 2020 and the website does not contain any information on Vancouver’s location. The phone number listed on Facebook and Yelp is no longer in service, however, the number on what appears to be a new OpenTable listing for reservations for Mott 32 is active – (it’s 604-861-0032) – and this list and phone numbers the outgoing message states that Mott 32 Vancouver is open Sunday through Thursday from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 5 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

We will update with more information when it becomes available. Check out some photos and videos shared by those who have already tasted the reopened Mott 32 Vancouver.


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Mott 32 is located at 1161 West Georgia St. in Vancouver


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