Travel Outlook, Leading Hotel Contact Center, Expands Sales Agent Training |

Each Travel Outlook agent actively participates in a four-part private live webcam training as part of each onboarding training course.


Travel outlookthe Hotel Call Center as a Hotel Profit Center™, expands the hotel sales training of its reservations specialists provided by the Kennedy Training Network (KTN).

“We have always used KTN training resources in our new hire and ongoing training,” said John Smallwood, President of Travel Outlook, “But these recent enhancements from KTN take us to a whole new level of excellence. , both in sales and welcoming customers. .”

“This summer, we have committed to having all new Reservations Sales Specialists participate in KTN’s online self-study version of its Reservations Sales QUEST program,” said Smallwood. “The new training emphasizes a conversational, caller-centric approach to convincing callers surfing today’s distribution channels to book now instead of coming back online.”

The course, which has been fully customized for Travel Outlook and launched on Travel Outlook’s learning management platform, consists of six video modules that KTN President Doug Kennedy personally recorded in a studio at Los Angeles, California. Participants also complete an online assessment and assigned training activities.

In addition, each Travel Outlook agent actively participates in a four-part private live webcam training as part of each onboarding training course.

“What’s amazing is how Doug Kennedy can find the time to personally introduce three of those four parts to our team,” says Smallwood. “New recruits first meet Doug on their very first day of onboarding training, and meet him again later in the course when he presents a live webcam training titled ‘The Why Behind the What of KTN QUEST call scoring criteria.”

“It’s easy to dedicate so much of my time to personally facilitating the training of a customer like Travel Outlook,” says KTN President Doug Kennedy, “because they have fully embraced our full suite of training services, remote call coaching and scoring”.

For the third part, each agent experiences one-on-one coaching with Cathy Cook, DTM, who is KTN’s Executive Director of Training, before returning for a small group feedback session with Doug during which they talk about what worked well and what were their biggest challenges on their journey to sales excellence.

Given its progressive approach to the voice channel – in terms of performance, training, transparency, testing and performance measurement tools – Travel Insights The Premier Hotel Call Center™ is the leading voice reservations team in hospitality. Travel Outlook’s list of valued clients includes Viceroy Hotel Group, Curator, Outrigger, KSL Resorts, Proper Hospitality Group, Pacific Hospitality Group, Atlantis, The Irvine Company, Catalina Island and many more. The Travel Outlook team and approach increases sales conversion and helps create more effective voice communication between hotels and their guests, resulting in better social scores in addition to increased channel revenue vocals.

“It’s such a pleasure to work one-on-one with each new Travel Outlook agent,” says Cook, “and I think it’s because they recognize how much their company invests in their career development. .”

“We are very proud to have been Certified in Sales Excellence by the Kennedy Training Network since 2013,” added Smallwood. “I understand from Doug that we are the only hotel call center with this distinction. Our customers know that our agents’ sales performance is state-of-the-art and that their performance is always tested.”

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