top-notch audiovisual systems for a luxury wooden hotel


Integrator Fremlab delivered AV systems for one of the tallest wooden buildings in the world, providing the Elite Hotel with easy-to-use systems that matched the high-end aesthetic of this unique building. Anna Mitchell reports.

A subarctic city of 36,000 people in Swedish Lapland has surprising claims to fame. In 2021, Skellefteå became home to one of the tallest wooden buildings in the world when Sara Kulturhus and the adjoining Wood Hotel by Elite opened to the public.

The Wood Hotel rises 20 stories and serves what was historically an industrial and mining town that is modernizing and diversifying; in 2023, a gargantuan battery factory will open in the town, while local natural attractions and cultural highlights help position Skellefteå as a popular tourist destination. In keeping with the direction of the city, the Wood Hotel is establishing itself as a ‘destination’ hotel, offering top-notch restaurants, a luxurious spa and top-notch conference and event facilities.

“Fremlab listened to our requirements, delivered what we needed but then simplified the way we control the system, it’s very user friendly.” – David Åberg, The Wood Hotel

The task of designing and installing audiovisual systems in the shared areas of the hotel was entrusted to the systems integration company Fremlab of Helsingborg. The company, which celebrated its 40th anniversaryand anniversary this year, has many hotel projects to its credit and a long association with the Elite Hotels group.

Despite a wealth of experience in the field, the project still had a few “firsts” for the Fremlab team and Carl-Fredrik Malmgren, owner of Fremlab, notes that this was the first building his team had worked on entirely. in wood.

“There is no steel, no concrete, just wood. It made installation really easy,” Malmgren says, joking, “All you need for installation are some long screws!

The hotel mainly called on Fremlab for a large audio system with varied needs. “We needed a sound system throughout the hotel, including outdoor areas, and for some dining areas the sound needed to be loud enough,” says David Åberg, General Manager of Wood Hotel.

Fremlab installed an extensive Bose audio system, networked using Audinate’s Dante platform. It includes 136 loudspeakers as well as amplifiers and subs, spans 16 zones throughout the hotel and was designed by independent specialist Anders Wernersson. Malmgren says choosing Bose for all of the hotel’s audio needs was simple: “It’s good quality sound, it’s reliable, and I have great support from Bose.”

At the heart of the system are two Bose ControlSpace EX-1280 digital signal processors with Dante connectivity. A dedicated player, linked to the networked system using an Audinate analogue to Dante transmitter, manages background music for the entire hotel.

“Where you want to have that music is just a matter of routing,” Malgrem explains. “But other areas of course have their own audio sources.”

Staff can access system control through Crestron touchscreens and, for simpler functions, Bose ControlCenter control panels.

“There’s no steel, no concrete, just wood. It made installation really easy, all you need are some long screws!” – Carl-Fredrik Malmgren, Fremlab

The hotel has three conference spaces named Myran, Tjärdalen and Salvia which can accommodate 70, 100 and 60 people respectively. The 70 and 100 seat spaces can also be combined to create a larger space.

Tjärdalen, the largest venue, uses a Panasonic PT-VMZ60 series projector projecting onto a 270cm Draper Xpert motorized projection screen. Fremlab installed a radial transformer to take audio from the projector on a 3.5mm connector and convert it to a mono, balanced signal. The balanced audio signal is then fed to a Bose ControlSpace EX-1280 digital signal processor in a Middle Atlantic 19-inch center rack. In addition to creating a mono signal, this avoids any noise and hum that might otherwise be generated.

Guests using the conference room can share content via Barco Clickshare C-10 wireless presentation systems. Presenters have a Sennheiser SpeechLine digital wireless microphone system with a choice of three headsets or a handheld microphone.

Audio in the space is delivered through 12 Bose DesignMax DM5C speakers and a DM10 subwoofer powered by a Bose PowerMatch 8250 amplifier. All AVs in the Tjärdalen room can be controlled by a Crestron TSW770 7-inch touchscreen .

The 70-seat Myran and 60-seat Salvia rooms have similar AV configurations. These slightly smaller spaces only require nine Bose DesignMax DM5C speakers each. When the Myran room is combined with Tjärdalen, the Bose processor combines the audio configuration in both rooms. Myran also houses a Crestron HDMI signal switch.

Fremlab has also created a mobile videoconferencing system. A Panasonic 75-inch 4K LCD panel and a Crestron UC-SB1-CAM soundbar and video conferencing camera mounted on a custom wheeled unit.

Outside the conference rooms on the fourth floor is a control room that services the three meeting areas. The Crestron kit for lighting, shading and projector screen control is housed here, including a 4-series DIN-AP4 DIN-rail control system, four DIN-2MC2 DIN-rail motor controllers and a 2-channel DALI interface on DIN rail DIN-DALI-2.

There are three restaurants at Wood Hotel: Miss Voon, Mandel and Paolo’s. Mandel is located on the fourth floor next to the conference rooms. Background music in the restaurant lobby and meeting rooms comes from four Bose DesignMax DM3C speakers.

Guests dining at the Mandel Restaurant have access to a large rooftop terrace overlooking the square in front of the hotel. Thirty-eight Bose DesignMax DM3SE and DM3SC speakers are installed in the space: the terrace is serviced by ten speakers, while the restaurant uses another 24, and the lobby and bathrooms house four speakers . A Bose PowerMatch PM8500N amplifier with Dante network card and a PowerShare PS404D amplifier power the speakers. Restaurant staff can access control functions via a Crestron 7-inch TSW770 touchscreen.

Until 19and floor, Miss Voon Haa Bose CC-2 zone controller that allows staff to choose music from the restaurant’s dedicated background music player or the XLR input provided for live DJs.

Whichever source is chosen, it will be broadcast throughout the restaurant via Bose DesignMax speakers and subs (14 Bose DM3SE speakers and 4 DM10S-SUB), as well as in the hallway, bathroom and the Miss Voon Lobby where eight Bose DM3C speakers are installed.

The speakers are powered by two Bose PowerMatch 8500N amplifiers with Dante networking and AMPLink input cards, plus a PowerShare PS404D and FreeSpace IZA 190 amplifier.

Malgrem says, “There is a fixed volume level in the lobby and bathrooms to prevent the levels from getting too loud. If adjustment is needed, there is a hidden area in the Crestron control panel. We take the same approach in the spa and in elevators where you usually only need to adjust the volume once. I also learned that if you have too many controls and buttons people get confused, less is more.

Fremlab’s efforts to provide simple control paid off with Åberg commenting, “We have about 120 employees, not everyone is familiar with the technology, and the three restaurants have slightly different control options. But Fremlab listened to our requirements, delivered what we needed, but then simplified the way we control the system, it’s very user friendly.

The last restaurant is Paolo’s at the entrance. This setup has four Bose DesignMax DM5SE loudspeakers controlled by a Bose CC2D control panel, with four more DM3SE loudspeakers to cover the outside seats.

At the top of the building is the Vana Spa where guests can relax and unwind with background music playing through the Bose sound system. Fremlab deployed 22 Bose DesignMax DM3C speakers in the spa and changing rooms. The outdoor pool uses 11 Bose DesignMax DM3SE speakers and an MB210-WR outdoor subwoofer. The treatment areas use two DesignMax DM5C loudspeakers and even the sauna has three DesignMax DM3SE loudspeakers.

Spa staff can control the system using three Crestron touchscreens: a 10-inch TS-1070 at the front desk and a 5-inch TSW-570 panel in each treatment room. The spa is serviced by a control room on the 20th floor which houses the Crestron kit for lighting and shading control. In addition to the spa, the hotel has a gym at 18and floor where the sound is delivered through six Bose DesignMax DM5SE speakers.

Åberg says the hotel has already hosted many guests and events, testing the capabilities of the systems. “We are very happy,” he said. “Fremlab brought a lot of interesting elements and regarding the delivery, we were very satisfied with their service. I really appreciate the user experience. It’s easy to select areas and see what you’re playing and that’s self-explanatory.

Technical specification


Bose DesignMax DM5C, DM5SE, DM2-LP, DM3C, DM3SC, and DM3SE speakers and DM10 subs; MB210-WR outdoor submarine; ControlSpace EX-1280 DSP; and PowerMatch PM8250N and PM8500N, PowerShare PS404D and FreeSpace IZA 190 amplifiers
Radial transformers
Sennheiser SpeechLine wireless microphone system


Barco Clickshare C10 systems
Crestron HD-MD4X2 HDMI Matrix and UC-SB1-CAM Video Conferencing Bar
Draper Xpert Projection Screens
Panasonic PT-VMZ60 series projectors and 75 inch LCD screen


Bose CC1D and CC2D control panels
Crestron TSW770, TSW-570, and TS-1070 touchscreens; DIN-AP4 control processors with DIN-PWS60 power supplies; DIN-2MC2 Motor Control Module; DIN-DALI-2 DALI interfaces; and DIN-8SW8-I and DIN-1DIMU4 lighting control modules
Rack of the Middle Atlantic


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