the tokyo EDITION, hotel toranomo opens with bespoke interiors by kengo kuma


the tokyo edition, toranomoN BALANCE BETWEEN EAST AND WEST

the tokyo edition, toranomoon delicately balancing Japan’s refined, elegant and simple culture and traditions and the luxury brand ‘the passion, sophistication and perpetual subversion of the status quo. a collaboration between MArriott International, Ian schrager (also known as co-owner and co-founder of the legendary studio 54 nightclub) and real estate developer Mori Trust, led by its visionary President and CEO, Miwako Date, the property brand Japan’s very first EDITION hotel. with interiors designed in partnership with world-renowned companies Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, the 206 room hotel invites visitors to discover the essence and spirit of the ancient city, while embracing its newly revitalized skyline of modern skyscrapers.

“I have always had a spiritual connection with the approach and aesthetics of Japan. their rationality, simplicity and restraint have been the foundation of everything I have done, ‘ says the creator of the EDITION brand Ian schrager. it became the foundation of his career, evident throughout his work and many of his projects. in 1977, at the workshop 54, Schrager produced the first American fashion show for the iconic Japanese fashion designer Issey miyake. in 1985 he then patted relatively Japanese architect unknown in America Arata Isozaki design the palladium nightclub in new york, his first project in the United States. “They are really original thinkers, but they execute their ideas in such a humble and modest way. the end results are bold yet refined and scream in a calm manner. it’s a sweet spot that’s completely appealing to me, ‘ Schrager adds.all pictures from Nikolas Koenig

a tailor-made and tailor-made hotel in the center of tokyo

housed inside tokyo world gate, a new 591-foot (180 m), 38-story mixed-use skyscraper, occupying floors 31 to 36, the tokyo edition, toranomoon offers a breathtaking view of the surroundings and the best view of the monument, Tokyo Tower at 305 m. the two-story lobby – a thriving public space inspired by buddhist temples – marks the central core of the property, with over ten unique entertainment and work spaces. each distinctly different in appearance and feel, these spaces radiate out of the lobby in the same way as peripheral buildings do in a Buddhist temple.

the restaurants, bars and entertainment venues to mix together black, blue and jade shades, inspired by precious stones and extremely rare elements – sapphire, Japanese jade and gold. materials such as walnut, oak, bronze, travertine, glass and silk can be found in all spaces, combined with yamato-bari – traditional Japanese wood siding – and exotic greenery to create an eclectic mix of elements. the restaurants are run by world-renowned Michelin stars Chief Tom Aikens. the blue room, a romantic space with its luminescent sapphire and topaz upholstery—Reminding a painting by Yves Klein — high ceiling and magnificent, breathtaking view of the city, comes back to the old hollywood glamor. during this time, the jade chamber and his garden terrace, the official opening of which is scheduled for early 2022, offer a transformative and unexpected experience, floating over 450 feet (140 m) above street level. with over 500 plants, trees and shrubs made up of 25 different exotic species, this magical space transports guests from the frenetic and dynamic rhythm of city life to a beautifully serene oasis. A total of 140 tonnes (127,006 kg) of fertile soil was brought in from saitama prefecture just for this one-of-a-kind project.

the tokyo EDITION, hotel toranomo opens with bespoke interiors by kengo kuma
white barrel vaulted ceilings with gold ingot

ironically everything black, the gold bar in tokyo EDITION, toranomoon presents flowers of white and gold inspired by the design of a rare and fine jewel. the space, which is slated to officially open in early 2022, is complete with blackened wood finishes which refer to japanese yakisugi, a traditional method of carbonizing cedar in order to preserve the wood, a fluted black marble bar and white barrel vault 16 foot (5 m) high ceilings. meanwhile, in the heart of the hotel, the lobby bar serves as a place of work, networking and play for visitors and city dwellers in a open but intimate environment, overlooking tokyo bay and tokyo tower. both bars serve exotic, fun and original personalized cocktails featuring flavors from around the world, as well as an endless variety of sakes.

elegantly contrasting the hotel’s bustling social and work spaces, all 206 rooms, including 22 suites and several rooms with private terraces, are characterized by a neutral color palette, “no color”. specially treated white oak and light gray, ivory and silver textiles complete these spaces, evoking calm zen luxury and relaxation. add to the urban resort vibe is the quiet spa provide healing and beauty treatments using products sourced and made in Japan; a 24 hour gym powered by technogym; and one swimming pool and jacuzzi in white tiles, both bathed in naturalness Iedge-to-edge flight light storey skylight above.the tokyo EDITION, hotel toranomo opens with bespoke interiors by kengo kuma

“We couldn’t be happier to launch Japan’s very first EDITION hotel, a luxury brand renowned for capturing the vibrant essence and lifestyle of each of its catwalk locations,” says Miwako Date, President and CEO of Mori Trust. ‘in Ian Schrager, Mori Trust has found an ideal partner to develop and create a distinctive property that suits our vision for the future of Tokyo. as a leading real estate developer committed to the city’s dynamic growth, we are delighted to welcome residents and visitors to this innovative hotel full of originality.

the tokyo EDITION, hotel toranomo opens with bespoke interiors by kengo kuma
yamato-bari – a traditional Japanese wooden cladding – and exotic greenery complete the restaurant


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