The locations of the island and the “Single’s Inferno” hotels are real destinations


The premise of the South Korean dating show Hell of singles is pretty straightforward: each day, the successfully paired contestants fly by helicopter to the luxurious “Heaven Island” for romantic evenings, while the remaining singles are left on deserted “Hell Island” to fend for themselves. The joint Netflix and Joongang Tongyang Broadcasting Company reality TV competition, which kicked off on December 18, proved to be an instant success, even earning a spot among Netflix’s Top 10 Global Non-English TV Shows and leaving many fans to fall in love with it. ask if they can visit such Hell of singles film locations like the island and the hotel.

Although the show never reveals where the remote scenes were filmed in South Korea, NextShark outlet identified the island as Saseungbong-do, located in Ongjin County in Incheon. According to an Incheon tourism website, the private, uninhabited island, which locals call “Sado,” is about 2.5 miles long and 1.25 miles wide, and, yes, tourists can visit it. . There is a boat that runs regularly during peak season, and the boat fare costs 100,000 won (approximately $ 83.50) for solo passengers or 15,000 won (approximately $ 12.53) for group passengers. Visitors can also hire a private boat.

Once on Saseungbong-do – also the backdrop for other shows such as Running Man, Muhan dojeon, and Two days and one night – there are a variety of activities available. Some recommendations from the tourism website include swimming, camping, fishing, clam fishing, and watching the perfect sunset. Of course, since the show’s contestants aren’t necessarily the most outdoor enthusiasts, trips to “Heaven Island” are in demand.


When singles embark on trips to paradise, their trips are more literal than you might think. The romantic excursions were reportedly filmed at the contemporary Paradise Hotel and Resort, located near Incheon International Airport, about an hour from Seoul. The Paradise City hotel website promotes everything from luxurious and spacious artistically inspired rooms to the on-site spa and Michelin-starred restaurant.

A September 2019 CNN travel article called Paradise City “the hottest airport hotel around,” noting that there isn’t much run-of-the-mill about this glamorous property. Among the highlights of the more than $ 2 billion “artistic entertainment” complex are the 3,000 original works of art on display around the property. There’s even a casino, carnival, and shops.

For all that Paradise City has to offer, some fans believe that all the creature comforts Saseungbong-do doesn’t have is the real draw. “I wonder when the boys will realize that Jia is using them just to stay at the hotel because there is no way my daughter is sleeping on an air bed that is on the floor.” a viewer tweeted. During this time, another wrote, “The way the hotel is a PARADISE because of the air conditioning and the pool shutdown hahaha.”


While there is no promise that you will find love, these two places at least seem like the perfect places to look for it.


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