The football themed hotel in Dubai as an option to stay during the FIFA World Cup


Qatar 2022

As the official accommodation options in Qatar for those attending the upcoming FIFA World Cup are getting too crowded, an attractive accommodation option is appearing on the horizon: the first football-themed hotel in Dubai. Learn more about the amenities offered by this choice.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is coming very soon
© Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy via Getty ImagesFIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is coming very soon

football fever slowly begins to invade the whole world. Every four years it happens thanks to the sport’s most prestigious tournament, the football World Cup. With Qatar 2022 looming on the horizon, there are issues to be resolved to ensure the tournament is fully enjoyed.

One of them is the issue of housing. Those lucky enough to get their hands on one of the 2 million tickets on sale for Qatar 2022 need to make sure they have a comfortable place to rest after hours of footballing fervor.

So, with many official accommodation options for the upcoming FIFA World Cup already saturated, options have emerged that ensure many fans will have a great experience attending Qatar 2022. Check out one of them in the following lines of this story.

Dubai surprises with first football-themed hotel for Qatar 2022

Global hotel chain NH announced in May 2021 its debut in the Middle East market. It aimed to do this with the construction of an exclusive hotel with a capacity of 533 rooms located on the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, one of the main cities of the United Arab Emirates.

The NH Dubai The Palm The hotel is scheduled to open in November 2022, just before the start of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. And that is why its presentation to the world could not be otherwise: it will be the first hotel on football theme in the region with a series of services designed for all football fans attending Qatar 2022.

The services offered by the football-themed hotel in Dubai for those attending the World Cup

The first natural question and concern is: how can a hotel be designed for Qatar 2022 fans when located in Dubai? This is the great differential offered by the NH Dubai The Palm. A first class accommodation option, available and able to travel easily and efficiently to the host country of the FIFA World Cup.

Note that Dubai is only 1h15 by plane from Hamad International Airport, Qatar’s gateway to the world. Likewise, by car, the distance is 6 hours, only with planning and discipline can not be overcome.

The great thing is that the football-themed hotel in Dubai offers the option of purchasing packages that include accommodation and round-trip transport from Dubai to Qatar on match days. Including round trips hotel-airport and airport-stadium. Tickets for Qatar 2022 matches are not included.

The cost of staying at a football-themed hotel in Dubai when participating in Qatar 2022

Via Dubai Tourism Agency Sports expat you can buy different packages to stay in Dubai and travel to Qatar on FIFA World Cup match days. Three options are available: 4, 8 and 12 night packages, all in a single or double room, buffet breakfast. Prices are per person.

4-night package (1 return flight to Qatar): $1,290 + taxes
8-night package (2 return flights to Qatar): $2,580 + taxes
12-night package (3 return flights to Qatar): $3,870 + taxes

Facilities at NH Dubai The Palm, the hotel to enjoy the FIFA World Cup

Those who choose to purchase the accommodation packages offered at the football-themed Dubai hotel will enjoy amenities such as spacious rooms with coffee and tea making facilities, a rooftop infinity pool, a modern lounge, a gym, all-day dining restaurant and sports bar.


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