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Cedar SpringsCassandra Chartier is the new Director of Preschool and Campus Kids Programs for Cedar Springs Public Schools. SNN gets to know her in this edition of Meet Your Administrators.

What are you most looking forward to in this new role? “I am excited about this growth opportunity,” Chartier said. “Amazing things are already happening at Cedar with a great foundation for early childhood education, and being able to teach kids that learning is fun, and getting them on the right path for education is fun. .”

Other positions you have held in education: Chartier was a teacher for Great Start Preparation Programprogram director for KinderCare and athletic trainer for Cedar Springs and Rockford Public Schools.

Chartier and his son, Nolan, love football and other sports (courtesy)

What about jobs outside education? Chartier managed a restaurant and worked as a social events coordinator for a hotel chain, organizing wedding receptions, retirement parties and quinceañeras.

Her Gateway to Education job was driving a school bus for Rockford Public Schools: “It was a bit like running your own little mobile classroom – you have to set your guidelines and expectations. I liked it.”

What would you like to share about your family? Her son, Nolan, is a freshman and her daughter, Claire, is in eighth grade, both at Rockford Public Schools. “We are a busy sporting family – from football to the joy of competition and everything in between.”

Hobbies interests: “I love to read; I’ll grab a book and hide in the corner of the couch when I have time. I do do not like to cook. We love walking the White Pine trail and descending near Rockford Dam. And we love sports; whenever we can catch a game – football, basketball, baseball – we like to do it. I have a cousin who plays for a farm team in the NHL, so we also discovered hockey.

What kind of child were you at the age of your students? “I was a good boy; I always followed the instructions. I had a big imagination and I loved playing make-believe houses and things like that. I was also very talkative. My mother still reminds me that my teachers always mentioned how much I spoke.

Chartier likes to take his daughter, Claire, to Michigan to her cheering competitions (courtesy)

The biggest lesson you learned from the students is… “Especially at this age, kids just want to be loved and have someone to care for them and have a safe space to learn and explore with a bit of freedom. … Also, that you can make anything an experience learning with small children. If you make it fun, they don’t realize they are learning. There can be a lesson in every part of your classroom.

If you could go back to school, what grade would you go back to and why?? “My freshman year of high school, so I wasn’t so preoccupied with what other people were doing and was brave enough to try things. I was a good student, but I just focused on what I had to do. Deep down, I was always concerned about the social side of school. … In my senior year, the very last opportunity of my high school career, I ended up being in the spring play, and I loved it. I wish I had tried other things sooner.

If you walked into your new school building to listen to a musical theme that matches your personality, what would the song be and why? Chartier says she “listens to everything” and should choose according to the mood of the day: “There may be days when I want something upbeat, like ‘Walking on Sunshine’ (from Katrina and the Waves) ; if I’m feeling a little feisty on a Friday, maybe a Beyonce. Or there are days when we go listen to some gospel, like, this day needs Lauren Daigle.


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