SR hotel reopenings still slow after C-19 closures


Only 20% of hotels in Siem Reap province have reopened after the end of the Covid-19 epidemic in the province, most other hotels have closed or are temporarily closed, while others will reopen at a later date when the number of tourists increases.

Siem Reap Provincial Governor Tea Seiha said Khmer TimeIt was yesterday that the hospitality industry in Siem Reap province seems to be slowly improving after the disappearance of Covid-19 in the province.

“There are 230 hotels, equivalent to 14,986 rooms, in the province, but now only 44 hotels are open, while 18 hotels have closed and 168 hotels are temporarily closed,” he said, adding that he there were 20 five star hotels, 22 four star hotels, while the rest are three and two star hotels. There are also 22 green hotels in the province.

Siem Reap provincial tourism department deputy director Soeung Sitha said there were 925,205 tourists for the first four months of this year compared to the same period last year when only 119,783 tourists visited. .

For the first four months of the year, there were 33,205 international tourists and 892,000 domestic tourists compared to last year, which saw 4,528 international tourists and 164,711 domestic.

Sitha added that there are currently around 3,000 hotel rooms available for tourists.

There were 208 restaurants, equivalent to 19,535 seats, in the province before the Covid-19 outbreak, but only 52 restaurants are currently open. Forty-seven restaurants have closed and 109 are temporarily closed.

Siem Reap tourism department director Ngov Sengkak said there are about five or six five-star hotels open at the moment. Some only have the ground and first floors open and some are fully open but don’t serve food.

“I don’t know how many rooms are available in five-star, four-star and three-star hotels, but there will be more five-star hotels opening next month and room rates will be almost the same as before. Covid-19,” Sengkak said, adding that five-star hotel owners do not want to open too quickly because tourist numbers are not high and they need revenue to cover costs such as salaries. Staff.

Philip Kao, director of the Siem Reap Tourist Club Association and also hotel manager of Memories Palace Resort and Spa, said his hotel had opened all 64 rooms but was not serving food.

Siem Reap Hotel Association Director David-Jaya Piot said: “The five-star hotel that is open today is Sofitel Angkor Phokeethra, while another five-star hotel is preparing to open next month. and some are expecting to open later this year.”

Owners of five-star hotels should set room rates at pre-Covid-19 prices, otherwise owners will lose money on utility costs and employee salaries.

Most five star hotels with less than 40 rooms are open and most with more than 40 rooms are closed.

David said there were around six five-star hotels in his association that were open, including the Memories Palace Resort and Spa hotel, but only the ground floor and first floor, and the Jaya House River hotel Park. The Raffle Hotel is preparing to open next month. Angkor Village is preparing to open at the end of the year, while Fcc Angkor and Angkor Village will open soon.


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