SF police to hold town hall over fatal shooting of man who allegedly wielded knife


San Francisco Police are holding a town hall on Wednesday to provide more information on an incident last Friday morning when officers shot dead a man who allegedly wielded a knife at a residential hotel in the southern Market district.

The shooting took place inside the Covered Wagon Hotel at 917 Folsom Street, near Fifth Street, police said. Police said they responded to a 911 call around 8:05 a.m. about a man with a knife – later identified by the medical examiner as Ajmal Amani, a San Francisco resident, 41.

“During this contact, a shooting involving an officer occurred,” police said on Friday.

Amani later died in San Francisco General Hospital. No further details of the shooting were provided upon immediate request, but more details are expected to appear at City Hall on Wednesday.

The shooting is being investigated by the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, the Police Department’s Investigative Services Division, the SFPD’s Internal Affairs Division, the Police Accountability Department and the office of the chief medical examiner.

Little is known about Amani’s background or his relatives, whom the medical examiner informed of his death. Earlier reports show that he was arrested in 2019 for attempted murder for allegedly stabbing a ranger in the San Francisco Department of Parks and Recreation.

The boxcar where the shooting took place is a private hotel. As of April 2020, the adult probation department has rented 22 rooms – less than a third of the hotel – as emergency accommodation, the department’s reintegration division director Steve Adami said on Tuesday.

Rooms are blocked for people released from prison who are fighting court cases or who are otherwise involved in the criminal justice system. Agencies across town, including the district attorney, sheriff, and the public health department’s prison health services, refer residents. The number of rented rooms will increase to 14 by the end of December, Adami said.

Acting head of adult probation Sharon Jackson could not confirm or deny on Tuesday whether Amani was a program participant or a hotel resident.

Adami said the department contracts with the nonprofit Recovery Survival Network to manage the rented rooms.

The association’s executive director, Lou Gordon, reached by phone Tuesday, confirmed that the organization was in the building and provided services “for a very long time.” He said he “didn’t know anything” about Friday’s incident.

“Nothing like this has ever happened,” he said.

The last time a San Francisco police officer shot someone was in October 2020. Police confronted 21-year-old Cesar Vargas after he said he hijacked a woman at the threat of a knife . Police released body camera footage showing Vargas charging officers with a knife before shooting him down.

Chronicle editor Danielle Echeverria contributed to this report.

Mallory Moench is a writer for the San Francisco Chronicle. Email: [email protected] Twitter: @mallorymoench


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