Sex Racket | Uzbek girls found in sex racket, Tuli International hotel raided, broker also arrested Pipa News


Sex Racket | Uzbek girls found in sex racket, Tuli International hotel raided, broker also arrested

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Nagpur. After getting information about foreign girls coming to Nagpur and engaging in prostitution, the Social Security Department of the Criminal Branch raided the Tuli International Hotel in Sadar. The two girls had also made materials here. At first, the two avoided giving information, but the whole affair came to light when the broker became involved. The police arrested Dalal in the act. The arrested accused would be Manoj Ganeshani (35), a resident of Jaripatka. A case has also been filed against the two girls under various articles including the Passports Act and the fabrication of false documents. One is said to be 28 and the other 32.

The police had received reports that Manoj had called two girls from abroad to prostitute themselves in Nagpur. The two girls are staying at Sadar’s hotel. Under the direction of DCP Chinmoy Pandit, SSB Inspector Shubhangi Deshmukh and his team raided the hotel. Manoj’s name was listed in the hotel register in the custody of.

When the police questioned them both in their rooms, they said they had come to Nagpur for personal work. Asking for documents, a young woman took out her Aadhar card and driver’s license. At the same time, the other girl also had a voter’s card. The police were also confused as there was no one else with them, therefore only the interrogations were carried out without taking them into custody.

Meanwhile, Manoj was also found by the police. The investigation revealed that Manoj is involved in prostitution cases. He strives to find customers for girls through social networks. Apart from these 2 girls, profiles and photos of other girls were also found on his mobile. Manoj had booked plane tickets and a hotel room for the two of them.

Later, the passports of the two girls were also found by the police. Both had to carry their passports and visas according to the rules. Not only that, the two girls had also obtained a fake Aadhar card, electoral card and driving license to avoid the police. This is why a case of cheating was also registered against both of them. On Wednesday, the police will arrest the two, including Manoj.


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