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Think of it as the Capri of the Caribbean. Overlooking the ocean from the edge of a 100-foot-long infinity pool at Rock House, the new residential villa complex carved into a low limestone cliff on the northern coast of Providenciales in the Turks & Caicos Islands, one could almost mistake the view for somewhere a little more Italian; only the most beautiful turquoise water reveals the trick.

None of these illusions is due to chance. A far cry from the rum punches and sun lounger panoramas of the typical TCI getaway, Rock House wears its Mediterranean inspiration on its sleeve, from its clean white stone lines to the flowing house rosé to the light cuisine with Adriatic influences (the Stars include a refreshing gazpacho, served like a Bloody Mary in a spice-rimmed glass, and a seafood crudo of the day, including a creamy scallop perfectly dressed with aged olive oil, lemon juice, Maldon sea salt and lime zest). Another convenience familiar to regulars of Cannes and Santorini: the top-of-the-range service. Guests are picked up by SUV on arrival – commercial or private – and taken within 10 minutes to the resort, directly to the waiting accommodation, final check-in to be made at leisure.

“I have almost all of your information before you arrive, so why should I make you fill out paperwork if all you really want to do is take a shower?” asks the hotel’s deputy manager, Batu Erem. Many requests here, from housekeeping to dinner reservations, are made through the app, but the hyper-personalized service within this intimate 46-key resort — an assortment of studios and one- and two-bedroom villas, many of which can be combined into several units the accommodation – is a business card in the TCI: Erem and his fellow assistant hotel manager, Daniel Hoffman, organize the reception of guests upon arrival, to understand dietary restrictions and preferences , transportation needs and special requests.

Rock House’s private beach.

Gary James

And while island reserves of dive boats and cracked conch shells are always on hand with a chauffeur, the goal of Rock House, which opens next month as a new property in the Providenciales Grace Bay Resorts development powerhouse, is to keep the party local. “The Sunset Bar and infinity pool at night are going to be a fashion show,” says general manager Crawford Sherman. “While there is plenty of privacy if that’s what you want, it’s also a place for the traveler who likes to see and be seen.”

But despite its off-the-beaten-path location and Mediterranean vibes, Rock House COO and Director Nikheel Advani are quick to point out that, rather than trying to steer clear, the new property adds to the experience of TCI and Grace Bay. wallet specifically. “From day one, we’ve always called ourselves a Caribbean company, and that’s not going to change,” he says. “But how can we layer it with a little more difference?” Advani credits Rock House with “a sophistication you don’t usually see in the Caribbean”, but insists the friendly, laid-back local sensibility “can never go away – that’s who we are. So it’s all about find a balance between these two points.

The idea for Rock House – named after the countless hand-carved excavated limestone slabs painstakingly assembled across the property by local craftsmen – came from the wife of CEO and director Mark Durliat, Melissa, a media consultant and television producer who has created numerous programs on the steep peak of Cannes. The hospitality-devoid North Shore of Providenciales, she insisted, could offer a whole new version of the TCI experience, albeit one familiar to a certain jet-set demographic. “It’s become a passion project,” says Mark, who secured the 14-acre property, which will soon include larger residential-style accommodation and expanded wellness facilities, in 2016. special you feel in Cannes, or on the Amalfi Coast,” he says. “With Rock House being just over a three hour flight from New York, we think we can save you a transcontinental trip.”


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