Plan for 20m tall telephone mast among new designs submitted to Derby


It seems to be mostly interior design requests this week, with many people wanting to extend their homes by one or two floors. They are among more than 30 planning applications received by Derby City Council since Monday April 25.

The listing also contains an application for a 20m high monopoly with equipment cabinets and ancillary development on the grass edge adjacent to Rolls Royce in Wilmore Road, Derby by CK Hutchison Networks (UK) Ltd, a extension of a warehouse in Riverside Road and the installation of new windows and doors, wood cladding, plaster and formation of a ramp and steps at the International Hotel in Burton Road.

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Citizens have the right to comment on planning applications and public consultation usually lasts about 21 days. Applications are usually decided within eight to 12 weeks, unless they have to go through the Planning Control Committee for a decision, which could be a longer process.

For more details on the following applications, you can access the City Council’s planning portal here. The reference number of each application is in parentheses.

* Vehicular Access Formation – 73 Stenson Road, Littleover DE23 1JF (22/00653/FUL)

* Cut side branches by 2m, removal of dead wood and a single damaged branch from an oak protected by Tree Preservation Order No. 31 – 39 Springwood Drive, Oakwood DE21 2HE (22/00523/TPO)

* Single storey rear extension to residential house (kitchen) and installation of a glazed awning on the side elevation – 28 Wheeldon Avenue Derby DE22 1HN (22/00661/FUL)

* Single Storey Rear Extension to Dwelling (Living Space) – 6 Chapel Lane Chaddesden DE21 4QT (22/00665/FUL)

* Warehouse Extension – McCorquodale, Riverside Road Derby DE24 8HY (22/00666/FUL)

* Two-storey side/rear extension to residential house (dining room and living room extension, two bedrooms and bathroom) – 26 Bramblewick Drive, Littleover DE23 3YG (22/00667/FUL)

* Single storey rear extension to residential house (kitchen and living space) and installation of pitched roof over existing two storey flat roofed side projection – 33 Hobart Close, Mickleover DE3 9LJ (22/00664/FUL)

* Installation of a skylight on the side and rear elevations – 8 Ridgeway Avenue, Littleover DE23 1GB (22/00662/FUL)

* Two-storey side extension to living house (comfortable, dining room, bedroom and bathroom) – 5 Bensley Close, Chellaston DE73 6TL (22/00678/FUL)

* Front and rear single storey dwelling house extensions (porch and lounge/dining/kitchen) – 446 Uttoxeter New Road Derby DE22 3NA (21/01660/FUL)

* Change of use from ground floor commercial (use class E) to apartment (use class C3) including alterations to the facade – 165 St Thomas Road Derby DE23 8RH (22/00612/FUL)

* Dwelling House First Floor Side Extension (Bedroom) – 6 Links Close, Sinfin DE24 9PF (22/00673/FUL)

* Raising the crown to 4-5m, removing dead wood, split, broken and damaged branches from a redwood tree protected by Tree Preservation Bylaw no. 77 – 1 Mulberries Yard, Allestree DE22 2HL (22/00669/TPO)

* Single storey rear extension to residential house (kitchen/dining room) with balcony above – 45 St Cuthberts Road Derby DE22 3JX (22/00670/FUL)

* Single Storey Side Extension to Residential House – 32 St Andrews View, Breadsall Hilltop DE21 4LH (22/00676/CLP)

* Change of use from a dwelling (use class C3) to an architects office – 107 Darley Abbey Drive Derby DE22 1EF (22/00679/FUL)

* Erection of Storage Shed and Side Fence – 3 Vicarage Road Mickleover Derby DE3 0EA (22/00351/FUL)

* Alterations to front elevation to include installation of new windows and doors, timber cladding, plaster, formation of ramp and steps – International Hotel 288 Burton Road Derby DE23 6AD (22/00685/FUL)

* Two-storey, single-storey side and rear extensions to the residential house (lounge, living space, kitchen, utility room, WC, games room, two bedrooms, two shower rooms and office) – 17 Merchant Avenue, Spondon DE21 7NB (22/00681/FUL)

* One storey side/rear extension to residential house (reception/games room and shower room) and erection of 2.4m high boundary fence with netting to rear garden – 177 Stenson Road, Littleover DE23 1JN (22/00682/FUL)

* Two storey front/side and rear extensions to rear and one storey to residential house (porch, living/dining area, shower room and bedroom extension) – 29 Bennett Street, Allenton DE24 9BE (22/00690/FUL)

* Single Storey Rear Extension to Dwelling House – 270 St Thomas Road Derby DE23 8SY (22/00692/CLP)

* Dwelling House Single Storey Side/Rear Extension (Kitchen Study and Extension) – 10 Pear Tree Crescent Derby DE23 8RN (22/00688/FUL)

* Dwelling side extension (laundry room and kitchen extension), roof modifications to include roof height elevation, installation of a rear skylight and new first floor side elevation windows to the attic rooms (two bedrooms, office and bathroom) – 30, chemin Willson, Littleover DE23 1BZ (22/00257/FUL)

* Single storey rear extension to residential house (hall, bedroom and powder room) – 2 Copperleaf Close Derby DE22 3QR (22/00689/FUL)

* Erecting a 20m tall Monopole with equipment cabinets and auxiliary development – motorway edge adjacent to Rolls Royce Wilmore Road, Derby (22/00696/PNRT)

* One-storey rear extension (projection beyond rear wall of original house 4m, maximum height 3.8m, height to eaves 2.45m) to house Dwelling – 23 Western Road Mickleover Derby DE3 9GN (22/00691/PNRH)

* Two-storey and single-storey extensions to the dwelling house as well as roof modifications, including the installation of a lantern-shaped roof window to form rooms in the roof void. Erection of carport and garage – 76 Morley Road, Chaddesden DE21 4QW (22/00687/FUL)

* Demolition of the existing garage/outbuilding. Two-storey side/rear extensions and single-storey rear of the dwelling house (hall, WC, gym/office, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and cinema room) – 26 Briar Lea Close, Sinfin DE24 9PB (22/00574/FUL)

* Felling of various trees and reduction of laurels in Strutts Park Conservation Area – 107 Belper Road Derby DE1 3ER (22/00526/CAT)


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