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Like previous weeks’ updates, this week’s update features articles on the growing phenomenon of fintech and its effects on the travel industry. Enjoy.

Dissatisfaction with Expedia administrators
(“Are travel agents important in online travel? Expedia thinks so,” June 22, 2022 via Skift (subscription may be required)
Skift recently published an interesting article outlining apparent shareholder dissatisfaction with some of the online travel giant’s board members. The displeasure (expressed in votes withheld at Expedia’s recent annual shareholder meeting) was centered on board members Chelsea Clinton, Craig Jacobs, Dara Khosrowshahi and Beverly Anderson. Although there is no information detailing the reasons for the withheld votes, Skift speculates that it could be related to shareholder concerns about executive compensation, the decline in the share price or even the political opinions of members of the Board. targeted board of directors.

Apple enters the fintech space
(“What Apple’s BNPL Offer Means for Travel”, June 22, 2022 via Phocus Wire)
For some time now, we’ve featured stories about the rise of fintech products, particularly in the travel industry. Recent articles have featured providers Hopper, Mastercard, Visa, Affirm and Uplift. Now comes Apple. Earlier this month, Apple unveiled its buy now, pay later, Apple Pay Later offer. Offer users will be able to pay for their Apple Pay purchases in four equal installments, with each installment due every two weeks. Mastercard will process payments. Merchants who already accept Apple Pay will be able to enroll in the new program when it launches this fall. While Apple’s offering may not offer the multitude of payment plans offered by its competitors, Apple’s entry into the world of fintech is sure to make those competitors nervous. It will be interesting to see whether the proliferation of these merchant-agnostic fintech offerings has undermined the pressure from some platforms to adopt their own proprietary payment platforms.

Other news:

Chelsea Clinton and other Expedia directors spark shareholder dissension
June 24, 2022 via Skift (subscription may be required)
Whether it’s executive compensation or the company’s stock market performance, there is clearly unease among Expedia Group shareholders. Expedia Group board members Chelsea Clinton and Craig Jacobson got more votes withheld than votes in favor when they were re-elected as directors.

Marriott CEO says hotel group is building more digital tools for guests
June 23, 2022 via Skift (subscription may be required)
In a high-profile interview, Anthony Capuano said Marriott was testing adding buttons to its mobile app that would let guests choose their room assignments electronically or tip staff with online payments. Improvements couldn’t come fast enough for many travelers.

WebBeds’ Sun on Rate Parity, Credit and Distribution Changes
June 22, 2022 via Phocus Wire
Just as its hotel partners have had to go national during the pandemic, WebBeds has done so by redeploying resources to national content, closing its Taiwan office and strengthening its national distribution network which works with local travel agents. .

Hopper is now building his “Super App” origin story
June 19, 2022 via Travel Weekly
Low-cost travel shopping app Hopper has risen from relative obscurity to notoriety in the past two years: in 2021, its 15 million downloads trailed only Uber, Google Maps and Lyft on the US travel market, according to Apptopia.


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