On the banks of the furious Congo River, an emporium of 5-star ambition


Frontier security officers have been spotted outside Tenke Fungurume, one of the country’s largest cobalt and copper mines, owned by a Chinese conglomerate since 2016. Frontier has provided security for other mining companies Chinese, including Sicomines, a joint venture between the Congolese and Chinese governments.

Mr Prince is perhaps best known for running private security firm Blackwater, accused of breaking ethical and legal boundaries. In 2007, Blackwater employees killed 17 civilians in Iraq. This year, United Nations investigators discovered that Mr. Prince had violated an arms embargo against Libya.

Shortly after the UN report on the embargo violation, Mr. Prince resigned his post as top Frontier leader, although his lawyer said the move was “due to disagreements with performance. management and direction of the company “. Upon his resignation, Mr. Prince sold most of his holdings in Frontier Services. A spokesperson said he no longer had any financial interest in the company.

Asked about mining activities, the spokesperson said Mr. Prince had for years seen substantial exploration opportunities in Africa and elsewhere. “These activities,” he added, “can be undertaken in a manner that is cost-effective, environmentally friendly and ethical”.

For Mr. Kabongo, Mr. Prince is well suited for a high-risk place like the Congo. “I love his passion for being able to move objects from the moon to the middle of the jungle,” he said. “He is interested in discovering new frontiers. This is what we need here. We need someone who is bold.

Jide Zeitlin was a partner at Goldman Sachs. He ran Tapestry, the parent company of Kate Spade and Coach. He was chairman of the Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority and Mr. Obama offered him for a UN post – although Mr. Zeitlin stepped down due to personal and business issues, some of which also led him to resign from Tapestry.

Today, Mr. Zeitlin is another prominent investor with a laser focus on Congo’s minerals and metals and an occasional guest at the Fleuve, where he has booked a stay this month planning to meet with senior Congolese officials. .


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