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The rumors started as jokes. In January 2021, an anonymous Instagram account posted messages that actor Armie Hammer, 36, the then unstoppable star of call me by your name (2017), Operation UNCLE (2016) and The Lone Ranger (2010), reportedly sent. These messages had been sent to different women; in them, the actor seemed to exhibit a wide range of sexual fetishes related to cannibalism, bondage and violence. “I’m 100% cannibal… Shit. It’s scary to admit. I’ve never admitted it before. I once cut out the heart of a living animal and ate it while it was still hot,” he said. one read. “If I fucked you in a vegetative state, I would babysit you, feed you and keep fucking you,” another promised. questionable authenticity.Some defended Hammer against what appeared to be kink shaming (making fun of someone for their unusual sexual preferences), assuming he was being humiliated for expressing intimate fantasies that weren’t necessarily related to actual criminal behavior.

Events took another turn on January 14, when the actor’s former girlfriend, Courtney Vucekovich, told the gossip site Page 6 about his “not only bizarre and gross, but emotionally abusive” experiences with Hammer (the article’s title was “He Wanted to BBQ Me and Eat Me”). Vucekovich alleged that she did not consent to the sadomasochistic practices they engaged in.

From left, Leonardo DiCaprio, Armie Hammer and Clint Eastwood at the premiere of J. Edgar held at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California on November 3, 2011.Lester Cohen (Wire Image)

Vucekovich explained it like this: “It kind of captivates you and while charming, it prepares you for those things that are darker and heavier and more consuming. When I say consume, I mean mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, just everything. She added that “he did things with me that I was not comfortable with. For God knows what reason, he convinced me that these things were OK and he put me in dangerous situations where I wasn’t well, where he was drinking a lot, and I wasn’t drinking that way and it bothered me. was scared. I didn’t feel comfortable. As a result, Vucekovich said, she suffered panic attacks and needed therapy after her relationship with Hammer. His statements highlighted the actor’s “obsessive” character and manipulative nature.

After seeing Hammer’s text messages, another woman, Paige Lorenze, also decided to speak up about the star, whom she knew well. She saw a pattern of behavior mentioned in the posts that resembled what she said the star did with her. “The scariest thing is that I loved him in a way. I would have let him do anything. He had a certain hold on me. she told E! New.

Through his representatives, Hammer flatly denied the veracity of the messages. Nevertheless, the scandal forced the actor to withdraw from all the projects in which he planned to participate. Filmed in 2019 and released in 2022 after numerous postponements, Death on the Nile was the last film he appeared in; he was conspicuously absent from promotional efforts for the film, including the film’s poster. When he was last spotted, Hammer was working as a timeshare salesman near a hotel in the Cayman Islands, where his children and ex-wife also live. According Varietythe actor also completed a stay in a rehab center to treat his various addictions.

All the while, Hammer has been keeping a low profile, perhaps hoping the storm will die down soon. However, the first of hammer house — the three-part docuseries about his family history that will air this Friday, September 2 on Discovery+ — is set to thwart that strategy.

The documentary features the stories of several of the star’s alleged victims, and they provide never-before-seen material, including voicemails (“My bet was going to involve showing up at your house, fully tying you up and incapacitating you, and then being able to do what I want in every hole in your body until I’m done with you,” Armie says in a post. The actor’s aunt, Casey Hammer, is also on the show. She severed ties with loved ones years ago and in 2015 released an explosive autobiography, Survive my birthright. In her book, she alleged that her father, Julian Hammer (Armie’s grandfather), sexually abused her and other members of her family when she was a child, a revelation she should discuss in more detail in the docuseries.

“The rape and abuse charges leveled against Armie Hammer in recent years are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Hammer family. hammer housewe are witnessing truly disturbing details and sinister secrets that money and power could not hide forever,” promises Jason Sarlanis, president of Discovery+, crime and investigative content.

Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet at a BAFTA Awards party in Los Angeles on January 6, 2018.
Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet at a BAFTA Awards party in Los Angeles on January 6, 2018.Kevork Djansezian/BAFTA LA (Getty Images for BAFTA LA)

Five generations of power, privilege and violence

When Armie Hammer took off in Hollywood with his portrayal of the Winklevoss twins in The social network (2010), he was already a rich man. The actor comes from a family of millionaire oil tycoons, Soviet laborers and art dealers. Her great-great-grandfather, Dr. Julius Hammer, was a Russian immigrant to the United States. He was sentenced to between three and 12 years in prison for manslaughter after performing an abortion on the wife of a Russian diplomat in 1919. The jury found that Julius had left his patient “to die like a dog”. To cover up the crime, he blamed his death on the raging Spanish flu pandemic at the time.

With Julius in prison, his son Armand Hammer took control of his company, Allied Drug & Chemical; perhaps, like Edward Jay Epstein’s 1996 book Feature: The Secret History of Armand Hammer argues that this happened with the support of Lenin and Stalin. In the unauthorized biography, Epstein quotes one of Armand’s former wives, who claims Armand was really responsible for the abortion that ended in murder and landed his father in jail. Julius simply took the blame.

Armie Hammer at the premiere of The Lone Ranger at Disney California Adventure Park in June 2013.
Armie Hammer at the premiere of The Lone Ranger at Disney California Adventure Park in June 2013. Kevin Winter (Getty Images)

Armand increased the family fortune through the oil company Occidental Petroleum, which he ran from 1957 until his death. According to Epstein, Armand laundered money, used his role as an art dealer to fund Soviet espionage and facilitated illegal campaign contributions to Richard Nixon, which “in all likelihood served to cover up the Watergate cover-up”. The biographer notes that Armand forced one of his mistresses to change her name and disguise herself after his wife found out about the affair. The mistress also agreed to “extremely humiliating” sexual requests based on her promise to take care of her family. In the end, however, he left her out of his will. As Armand’s ex-wife pointed out, “[it] does not cause him any pain to see the sufferings of others.

Armand had a son, Julian, Armie’s grandfather. Due to his “unstable behavior”, Julian did not inherit control of the oil empire. Along with accusations of sexually abusing his daughter Casey, in 1955, early on the morning of her 26th birthday, he was accused of murdering a man in his home for an alleged gambling debt. He has never been in prison; the judge found that Julian had acted in self-defense.

Actors Andrew Garfield, Jesse Eisenberg and Armie Hammer at The Social Network's 2011 DVD Launch in Beverly Hills, CA.
Actors Andrew Garfield, Jesse Eisenberg and Armie Hammer at The Social Network’s 2011 DVD Launch in Beverly Hills, CA.Mark Sullivan (WireImage)

Michael Hammer – Armie’s father, Julian’s son and heir to Armand’s business – further built the family fortune. He settled his family in the Cayman Islands and renounced his American citizenship. Michael focused on his strict Christian religion while selling forged paintings by Rothko and Pollock, a scandal that led to the closure of his art gallery in 2011. According to a 2021 vanity lounge According to a report citing close friends of Michael, the businessman has a “sex throne” – a huge chair with a hole in the seat, a cage and a hook.

Despite Armie Hammer’s disappearance from public life, the police are no longer investigating him. In December 2021, the investigation into the initial accusation of rape ended due to insufficient evidence.


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