Mystery over handwritten Polish panels across Ashford


The sudden appearance of handwritten signs in Ashford has sparked intrigue among locals.

Apparently written in Polish, the notices – mostly on A4 paper – were affixed to bollards, posts and traffic lights.

Signs have been put up across Ashford – including this one in Canterbury Road, Kennington

While some have been removed in recent days, signs are still in place in Repton Park and Canterbury Road, Kennington.

They have also been spotted near Conningbrook Lakes and near William Harvey Hospital.

A resident said: “Sheets were stuck up in various places at the Ashford International Hotel, all around the Drover roundabout and the full length of Repton Avenue.

“I understand it’s not a crime per se, but it seems like an unusual thing to do.”

Messages saying “I love you” were also spray-painted on the pavement and roads of Repton Avenue.

This sign indicating
This sign saying “a journey to happiness” in Polish was installed in Repton Park

Another sign reads “w drodze po szczescie” “a journey to happiness”, while another on a bollard simply reads “kocham”, which translates to “love”.

The sights have led many locals to speculate what they might mean.

A common assumption has been that the signs are part of an elaborate proposal – the success of which is unknown.

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