More polite and responsive Delhi Police after trainers trained by IndiGo team


New Delhi: Delhi Police personnel are not really known for their charming and graceful demeanor but that may change in the near future with IndiGo cabin crew and ground staff being enlisted to give skills training non-technical to the cops.

The program includes perception management, body language skills, managing unrealistic demands, cultural sensitivity, managing emotions and anti-discrimination training. The hope is that this flight attendant training will improve police behavior and sensitivity, and ultimately change adverse perceptions of the force.

The first batch of training at IndiGo Airlines’ Ifly Training Center took place last November and saw 12 Delhi Police Inspector-Trainers put on their student caps. These inspectors will now pass on what they have learned about body language, emotions and sensitivity to approximately 5,000 constables.

Delhi Police sources told ThePrint that soft skills training is already an integral part of police training, but this cabin crew-led initiative will specifically help develop skills to bridge the gap between the police and the public.

“The IndiGo flight attendant training was carried out keeping in mind the most important elements of soft skills training – body language, sensitivity and communication,” said Sundari Nanda, Special Commissioner (Human Resources Division) of Delhi Police, to ThePrint.

The training is not only for cops to keep a pleasant and patient face, but also to equip police to better handle sensitive crimes, like sexual assault cases, and bring order to anger cases. public and mob violence, Nanda added.

Although Delhi Police personnel have already undergone training at Ifly, previous initiatives were more limited in scope.

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More “responsive, polite, solution-oriented” cops

According to a senior police officer, who did not wish to be identified, IndiGo staff have already trained 12 “officers from the Security Unit, Traffic Unit, District Police and licenses” in a six-day program from November 10 to 16 last year. .

“Two more batches will soon be sent for training with airline personnel,” the officer said.

Nanda said the training was aimed at helping police interact more effectively with Delhi’s diverse population.

“Perception continues to be a major issue for police forces and improving their soft skills training will help change that. Delhi, as the capital, has people from different socio-cultural backgrounds and so it is extremely important that police personnel undergo this training to better deal with the masses,” Nanda said.

“Soft skills training helps staff learn, unlearn and grow in terms of sensitivity to the grieving public and problem solving, keeping law and order intact,” she added.

Nanda also gave examples of how these skills would apply to critical situations.

“This training will allow the police to be more sensitive to citizens’ issues… For example, they will be sensitized on how to put a complainant of sexual assault or domestic violence more at ease, or how to address and calm situations during mob violence or in general to respond to public grievances,” Nanda said. “Basically, [training on how to be] responsive, polite and able to provide a solution simultaneously.”

A boost for more sensitivity

The Home Office has highlighted the need for soft skills training, Nanda told ThePrint. This seems to be confirmed by a number of initiatives over the past few years.

Last October, for example, the Delhi Police Academy organized a four-day program in conjunction with the International Hotel Association, GMR Aviation Academy and IndiGo, where 380 sub-inspectors from the force underwent skills training. non-technical.

Also in January 2019, a group of 17 police officers underwent training at the Ifly training center in Gurugram, with a focus on the “six S”, namely swagat, sampark, sahanubhuti, samman, sabhyata and samay (reception, communication, empathy, respect, propriety and punctuality).

The Delhi Police also plans to train 500 trainers in conjunction with the government’s Capacity Building Commission. These trainers, in turn, will then deliver soft skills training to 35,000 police officers.

“Traffic police, local police at police stations, those attending emergency calls in PCRs (police control rooms) will undergo this training,” the anonymous senior officer quoted earlier said.

(Editing by Asavari Singh)

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