Marriott has a twisted new idea to make you happy (you may need to lie down)


More fulfillment?

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It hasn’t been an easy couple of years, has it?

You are desperate to escape, but the virus has kept you at home.

You want everything to be back to normal, but you’re afraid it never will be.

You just want To feel good again. You want fulfillment in your life, or at least something like it.

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Please don’t worry, there is finally a solution and it comes from that great provider of relaxing environments, Marriott.

The hotel chain promises to give you a more fulfilling travel experience.

Or rather “a more fulfilling travel experience”.

I know it since a press release that the company issuedone who attempts to weave universal joy into a testament to all-new money-making.

How do you think Marriott will provide you with a more satisfying travel experience? An automatic upgrade at every hotel, perhaps? Free breakfasts for life? $400 off your flight if you book a Marriott hotel?

Not enough.

Marriott is launching, oh, an ad network.

I hear you pause with the suddenness of Lot’s wife. How could this make your life more fulfilling?

Please let me offer you the words of Marriott. The company, in partnership with Yahoo, will now “enable curated content experiences and offers to customers throughout their journey.”

The. Doesn’t that do you good? Isn’t that the only thing you want throughout your trip – more than comfort, more than an on-time departure, more than the joy of not having anyone next to you in the airplane, more than a hotel room that’s been cleaned — a curated content experience?

Oh come on, admit it.

Alright, it’s an attempt to attract advertisers. It worked for Amazon, why can’t it work for Marriott? Marriott’s own words again: “For brand advertisers, the Marriott Media Network will deliver an unprecedented combination of scale and personalized media to an in-demand, high-intent traveler audience.”

I sense your own high intention from here. I feel your high intention to shout every second. Please wait. The time for that may soon come.

Marriott wants you to know it fully understands you: “The Marriott Media Network will provide travelers with relevant products and services throughout their trip, including throughout their journey to purchase, before arrival and during their stay. The Marriott audience intends, and travelers will be in the right frame of mind when they receive these offers.”

Even though their flight was delayed and their room isn’t ready yet.

Honestly, it almost sounds like Google every time the company promises to give you more ads than you really want.

Still, you know you want to be in the right frame of mind when you see an advertisement or beautiful, curated content. Marriott wants you to know it cares about your needs.

The company thinks, you see, you’re not very smart. He fears that when you travel, you will be very wrong.

How can I know? Well, because the press release says so: “For travelers, personalized branded experiences will lead to smarter purchasing decisions and a more satisfying travel experience.”

You see, Marriott wants you to stop buying stupid things and buy its fancy, sponsored, curated products instead.

This is the path to true fulfillment.

What do you mean, you never knew that?


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