Mallorca hotel evacuated after ceiling collapse seriously injuring two people


A hotel in Mallorca has been evacuated after a ceiling collapsed, seriously injuring two people. picture: google maps

Two people seriously injured after ceiling collapses in Mallorca hotel

Two people were seriously injured today, Saturday April 9, after the ceiling of a hotel on the Balearic island of Mallorca collapsed. The hotel was later evacuated while emergency services worked to free a person who was trapped in the rubble.

The collapse caused a gym located above the hotel kitchen to collapse. It required a 57-year-old woman to be rescued after being trapped under the fallen pieces for over an hour. She reportedly suffered various injuries. A 59-year-old Spaniard was also injured, with serious head injuries.

The two injured were transferred to hospital. Several other people received treatment for minor injuries at the scene by medical teams who were mobilized to the hotel location in Puerto de Alcudia.

A possible gas leak caused the incident at the adults-only three-star Bluesea Piscis hotel, according to unconfirmed reports. It is believed that when the ceiling collapsed, several gym machines fell into the floor below.

Some of the estimated 325 guests – including British holidaymakers – are believed to have been moved to a nearby three-star hotel for the night.

In an initial statement, a fire department spokesperson said: “Working at the Bluesea Piscis Hotel in Puerto de Alcudia following the collapse of the gym on the kitchen. Two people have been rescued and are being taken care of. by paramedics. We continue to examine the affected structure of the building. Guests are being relocated to other hotels,” as reported.


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