LPC sends back an acknowledgment of receipt; Gathering of proud boys; The church is intensifying; Carmine’s “Clusterfuffle”


Posted on November 22, 2021 at 10:20 am by Carol Tannenhauser

Sunrise over the Eldorado. Photo by Jeff French Segall.

22 November 2021 Weather: Cloudy, with a maximum of 50 degrees.

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Monuments Preservation Commission fired Bill Ackman and Neri Oxman to the drawing board to “cut” the Norman Foster-designed glass penthouse they want to build atop 6-16 West 77th Street, Crain’s reported. This follows criticism from residents of the building. “It almost makes fun of us”, [Belle Horwitz] said of the design, which she described as “a deliberately jarring project whose sole purpose is to draw attention to itself.” Ginia Bellafante wrote in The New York Times. To top things off, the existing penthouse – in pink stucco – was previously owned by Nancy Friday, the feminist author of My Mother / My Self.

The far-right Proud Boys visited the Trump International Hotel and Tower, at 1 CPW on Saturday and began walking in circles around his sign, as anti-vaccines protested across the street in Central Park, the Hill Reporter and Raw Story reported.

A racist revolt broke out at a high-performing public school on the Upper West Side, with besieged principal Claire Lowenstein struck with her second vote of no confidence in just two years, ”The New York Post reported. “Of a total of 154 staff and parents surveyed last week, 132 – about 86 percent – voted against confidence in Lowenstein’s leadership. PS 333 on West 93rd Street.“The main issues are discriminatory hiring practices and the treatment of paraprofessionals, most of whom are people of color. “Many paraprofessionals told me they felt like they were being treated like ‘the helper’ in an almost all-white school,” said a teacher from PS 333. ” A DOE spokesperson said that “.”

As a candidate for a first term as mayor, Bill de Blasio pledged to ban horse-drawn carriages on his first day in office. “Eight years later, with only six weeks remaining in power, Mr. de Blasio is trying one last time to keep this commitment. His administration is developing legislation that would phase out the use of cars in Central Park and replace them with cars. [electric] “Show cars,” according to a series of internal town hall emails marked “confidential” that were sent between late October and last week and reviewed by The New York Times. Maybe he was talking about his first day as governor.

In all the city, only one religious homeless shelter has reopened since Covid shut them all down – Ascension Church, 107th Street, between Amsterdam and Broadway. “Before COVID, there were dozens of shelters like Ascension Shelter in places of worship,” Curbed reported. “When they were all up and running, the homeless people could have stayed in an Upper West Side church one night, a Park Slope synagogue the next night, and so on. But in March of last year, as the pandemic began to devastate New York, everyone closed its doors… Only Ascension’s one reopened.

What really happened at Carmine’s restaurant (91st and Broadway), back in September, between a hostess and a group of tourists from Texas with proof of vaccination problems? A Carmine employee, who was there, shared his experience with The Cut. “Matt was shocked. Little did he know that the initial incident was about to escalate into a new level of clusterfuck: by Monday… he would find himself showing up for his shift in the middle of a Black Lives Matter protest. Bill O’Reilly would be doing a segment on the event. The restaurant would become a campaign stop for the mayor… A host of competing parties with competing agendas would have something to say about what happened at Carmine, each seeing exactly what they wanted to see.

To take a tour of an available $ 10 million duplex in the Apthorp, a New York landmark on Broadway between the 78th and 79th, built by William Waldorf Astor in 1908. “The Apthorp is recognizable by its Italian Revival architectural details and its large landscaped courtyard and driveway,” writes 6 square feet. Read the WSR story about what it’s really like to experience at Apthorp here.

The Rag honors the memory of John Fitzgerald Kennedy the day he was killed in 1963. “As we express our gratitude,” he said, a long time ago on Thanksgiving, “we must never forget that the highest form of appreciation is not to pronounce words, but to live from them. “


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