Local actions end 2021 on a high note, despite the COVID outbreak


The MSE Equity Total Return Index (MSE) rose as investor sentiment improved in the last trading week of the year despite increasing COVID-19 cases around the world . This week’s gain propelled the local equity index above the 8,000 point level for the first time since mid-November, to end the year at 8,199.397.

A total of 18 stocks were active while 13 rose and Grand Harbor Marina plc (GHM) was the only stock to close in the red. During the week, the two big banks were the most active issues. Almost 0.4 million euros were traded on all the shares traded.

This week marks the close of trading for 2021. During the year, the MSE was down 3.2%, while in terms of new entrants, four new stocks were added to the main list of the MSE market. .

In the banking sector, shares of Bank of Valletta plc (BOV) gained 3.5%, while 22 transactions worth almost € 65,500 were recorded. Bank equity closed the week at € 0.90 and therefore down 5.3% over the year.

Two contrasting sessions of HSBC Bank Malta plc (HSBC) neutralized each other as the stock closed flat. Shares fell on Monday and rallied mid-week to return to the € 0.92 level, this week’s closing price. HSBC was the most liquid share, with turnover of € 67,256 generated from 14 transactions. HSBC was the only banking stock to end the year up, with an increase of 2.2%.

Lombard Bank Malta plc ended the week with a gain of 6% to end at € 1.95, albeit on insignificant volumes.

Malta International Airport plc traded on low volume, with only 1,105 shares changing hands. The airport operator’s stock price fluctuated between a weekly low of 5.70 € and a high of 6 €, this week’s closing price.

GO plc and its subsidiary BMIT Technologies plc (BMIT) both ended the week in positive territory. The telecommunications company rose € 0.10 to the price point of € 3.36, as two trades of 455 shares were recorded on Monday. No other trades were recorded in the remaining trading sessions.

Meanwhile, BMIT was active for three sessions and ended the week up 1.7% as 10 trades of 33,500 stocks were executed.

RS2 Software plc ordinary shares traded up 1.2% to € 1.74 on Thursday after hitting a daily low of € 1.71. A total of 14,505 shares were traded in six transactions. Equity ended the year down 13 percent.

PG plc closed the short trading week at € 2.40 as two small trades of 4,140 shares were executed. The retail conglomerate’s share price ended the year among the top performers with a 20 percent increase.

International Hotel Investments plc ended the week in the green as stock prices jumped nearly 9% to end the year at the € 0.62 level. Five transactions of 25,500 shares and an amount of € 15,100 were carried out.

Food and beverage company Simonds Farsons Cisk plc (SFC) was the top performing stock of the week, rising 16.3% to € 9.65. SFC shares had a volatile week, as during Tuesday’s trading session the share price jumped 15.3% to € 9.80.

During the year, the Malta Stock Exchange fell by 3.2%, while in terms of new entrants, four new stocks were added to the main listing of the MSE market.

On Thursday, a volatile session for SFC stocks saw the stock price drop to € 8 and only climb back to the € 9.65 level in the final minutes of the trading session. Since the start of the year, SFC shares have gained nearly 24%.

Mapfre Middlesea plc also closed in the green, with four trades in 4,950 shares pushing the share price to € 2.30, a weekly increase of 4.6%.

A single transaction of 500 LifeStar Holdings plc shares pushed the price up 5.3% to the € 1.00 level. Since the start of the year, the stock was the second best performer as the stock price doubled.

LifeStar Insurance plc closed the week unchanged at € 0.50.

GHM was the only negative artist this week. Equity closed down 1.4% at € 0.68, following a transaction involving 500 shares.

Tigné Mall plc closed the week at the € 0.75 level, up 7.1% after 78,306 shares changed ownership in nine trades.

Malita Investments plc closed flat at the € 0.80 level. This is the result of two transactions involving 18,294 shares.

Conversely, the share price of Malta Properties Company plc (MPC) gained 3.8% to € 0.55 on insignificant volumes. MPC was among the best performing stocks this year, rising 10%.

Two transactions on a volume of 16,250 Plaza Centers plc raised equity to € 0.93. Despite the 3.3% gain this week, stocks ended the year down 5%.

In the bond market, activity was concentrated on the corporate bond market with 64 transactions amounting to nearly 0.7 million euros executed. A total of 26 bonds were traded, with the 3.5% Bank of Valletta plc € Notes 2030 S2 T1 issue being the most liquid issue. This bond ended the week at 104 €. The 4% MIDI plc Secured € 2,026 closed at € 103.25 with five transactions valued at € 63,509 having been recorded. The MSE Corporate Bonds Total Return index ended the year at 1,149.11 points and therefore increased by 5% in 2021.

On the sovereign debt front, only two Maltese government bonds were traded, with the MGS 2028 (II) at 4.5% being the most liquid issue and closing the week at € 131. Year-to-date, the MSE MGS Total Return Index has lost 4.2%.

On the MTF Prospects market, activity was spread over three issues, the 4.75% of KA Finance plc 2026-2029 secured redeemable bonds being the most active issue. The bond ended the week at € 95.

We wish all of our readers a healthy and prosperous New Year.

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