Live and work in Maine to host an event to prove you can come home


Living & Working in Maine will be hosting a “Welcome Home” event at the Northeastland Hotel on December 2nd in Presque Isle.

NEAR ISLE, Maine – On December 2, the non-profit organization Live and Work in Maine will host a “Welcome Home” event at the Northeastland Hotel at 5 pm in Presque Isle.

The event was originally aimed at “boomerangs,” a term that describes a person who started in the state, left and then returned. This time around, the event is not only for boomerangs, but also for those who have chosen to call Maine their home for the first time.

The event will offer residents the chance to meet new people, be they boomerangs, lifelong residents, state visitors and everyone else. This will allow for an open discussion about what life has been like in Maine, as well as an overview of employment opportunities for area residents.

“The idea is really to help people build community,” said Katie Shorey, director of engagement Live and Work in Maine. “Building a professional network is one thing, but helping people socialize, find people and friends, really helps with retention, and we want these events to connect people. “

Live and Work in Maine is a non-profit organization that started in 2015 with a mission to attract more people to come and live in Maine. They focus on attracting and retaining talent and also aim to tackle Maine’s demographic challenge and highlight Maine as a career destination.

This will be a pilot year for in-person events with the organization. Live and Work in Maine hopes that by hosting these welcome events, they will have the opportunity to host them in more cities across the state and set a positive precedent, according to Shorey.

For more information on living and working in Maine can be found on their website.

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