Kristen Chenoweth shocks ‘Celebrity Family Feud’ host Steve Harvey


Kristin Chenowethis the answer to a “Celebrity Family Feud” the prompt may give the network a Rated R rating.

In a turn against the actress Kathy Najimi in Sunday’s episode, the Tony winner answered the prompt “After lips, what’s your favorite part of a man to kiss?” with “Rhymes with hateful.

The response was issued by the show, and it left the host Steve Harvey mute.

“I’m sorry, I’m a good Christian. Forgive me,” Chenoweth, 54, said.

Chenoweth’s response was off the board, leaving 65-year-old Najimy to win the face-off for his team after responding “play”.

“You’re gonna stand over there, young lady. You stay over there, young lady,” Harvey, 65, joked, guiding Chenoweth to stand on her family’s side on set.

Harvey added, “Oh my God, I can just say you’re a wonderful person…welcome to Sunday night TV, folks.”

Najimy’s team had four out of six responses on the board with “neck”, “cheek”, “hairy pecs” and “ear” before reaching three strikes.

Harvey approached a giggling Chenoweth for a second try to redeem his team and quipped, “Can we ask someone else?”

Chenoweth’s more family-friendly “hands” answer still wasn’t on the board.

Kristen Chenoweth appeared on Sunday's episode of

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Chenoweth’s racy response isn’t the first time a celebrity has left Harvey stunned.

In a 2019 appearance, Chrissy Teigen answered very honestly about his first meeting john legend. The couple, who wed in 2013, met on the set of Legend’s “Stereo” music video in 2006.

“We made the video, then we had sex,” she said, laughing as Harvey looked shocked. “I went to your hotel, and…” she continued, before Legend cut her off, reminding her, “It’s a family show.”

“Do you want to hear it though, or not?” Teigen insisted. “You can modify it.”

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