How to get the most out of WLAN in the hotel 2022 Tip


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Check how you can get the most out of WLAN in the hotel

After a tiring day of travel, settle into your hotel. All you want to do is kick off your shoes, set the temperature to extreme heat or cold that you wouldn’t get away with at home, and say hello to your Netflix queue before you tune in to a well deserved break. And then you realize the terrible truth: your Wi-Fi connection is terrible, or worse, non-existent. For a weary, or even well-rested traveler, there are few things more annoying than paying a small fortune for a hotel room, only to quickly find out your wireless sucks. Gone are your dreams of working on the go, streaming your favorite music to get you in the mood for a big day at the theme park, or uploading all your daily vacation photos to your favorite social network (or cloud storage).

When booking your next vacation, consider your Wi-Fi needs when deciding what to say. It can be as simple as opening a third-party review site like Yelp or TripAdvisor and seeing what past guests have said about a hotel’s Wi-Fi capabilities. If there are a number of complaints you may want to book elsewhere.

Getting around the Bad Hotel Wi-Fi

  • You’ve mapped the route, bookmarked a bunch of tabs, and you’re ready to book a hotel. Make it easy on yourself and explore the connection before you commit.
  • How fast should you search for a connection? 10 Mbps will probably be enough for basic things like browsing and checking email. But 25Mbps and above is what you should really be looking for – this speed will handle most online tasks, including streaming.

do your research

  • The first thing you need to do is prepare. When planning your next trip, check your hotel’s Wi-Fi connection before booking. Call reception and ask what their connection speed is.
  • You can even ask where the routers are and try to book a room. This can boost your signal if the hotel uses cheap routers or there aren’t enough of them.

Bring a travel router

  • There are countless router options for frequent travelers. However, many of them require you to connect to the ethernet port in the hotel room, so bring the necessary cables. Also keep in mind that hotels have figured this out and may have disabled the ethernet connection in your room or removed the port.

Use your phone as a hotspot

  • If you have good cell service and a wall charger for your phone, it’s possible to bypass the hotel Wi-Fi entirely by turning your phone into a hotspot. iPhone and Android phones can generate a secure wireless network that you can use in hotspot mode.
  • This is probably only a feasible option if you have an unlimited data plan and good cellular signal strength. Alternatively, you can try sharing your laptop’s wired Ethernet connection with other devices over Wi-Fi with an app like Connectify (paid) for PC. Mac computers can share your connection for free.

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