Hotel Rangá Luxury Resort offers a free trip to Iceland to a photographer capturing the midnight sun


The Midnight Sun at Hotel Rangá, a luxury resort in southern Iceland

Luxury Hotel Rangá in South Iceland is giving a photographer the gig of a lifetime: Capture photos and videos of the midnight sun.

HELLA, ICELAND, April 23, 2022 / — Are you someone who never says no to a new adventure? Are you a budding photographer? This dream job consists of 10 days in Iceland in exchange for providing high quality images and video capturing one of the greatest wonders of the world, the midnight sun.

During the summer months in Iceland, the sun barely sets – providing endless possibilities for daytime adventure photography. The famous luxury resort Hotel Rangá in southern Iceland is looking for a photographer to capture the midnight sun. The winner of the Midnight Sun Catcher competition will receive free room, meals and flights to and from Iceland.

Additionally, the Midnight Sun Catcher will also have the opportunity to explore the photogenic land of fire and ice on his days off. Iceland’s remarkable landscape offers a myriad of incredible places to photograph: glacial volcanoes, black sand beaches, highland hot springs, and more.

They even offer the option of staying a few days at their sister property, The Highland Center Hrauneyjar, located in the wilderness of the uninhabited center of the island. If you’ve seen those Icelandic photographs that look like they were taken on the moon, it’s the highlands.

How do you apply to be Hotel Rangá’s midnight suncatcher? You can apply directly through the Hotel Rangá website.

The Northern Lights Catchers

In winter, Hotel Rangá is the perfect place to view the Northern Lights due to the hotel’s remote location which is away from the light pollution of city lights and the hotel has a view observatory, housing two high-quality astronomical telescopes.

Last summer, Hotel Rangá put out a call for its first official Northern Lights sensor. They offered talented photographers from all over the world the chance to win an epic trip to Iceland to stay at Hotel Rangá for a month to capture the aurora. They received almost 5,000 applications from over 50 countries, delighted with the positive feedback that they decided to offer the job not just to one photographer but to two.

The photographers chosen for the Northern Lights position were Paige Deasey, a Canadian university student who grew up decently in a town called Aurora, and Stefan Liebermann, a German professional photographer specializing in night sky photography. You can read a blog post about their experience on Hotel Rangá’s travel blog,

Iceland Travel Tips
Hotel Rangá is active on social media and offers its followers all kinds of opportunities and tips on Iceland’s hidden gems. We recommend their Instagram and Facebook, @hotelranga, for more info on whether to catch the midnight sun and more.

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Hotel Rangá is one of the best places to see the Northern Lights in Iceland


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