Hotel Formentor project approved by the government


The interior of the hotel was demolished.


The Directorate of Natural Spaces and Biodiversity of the Government of the Balearic Islands (which is part of the Ministry of the Environment) has published a report that will allow the expansion project of the Hotel Formentor go forward. The town hall of Pollensa is now able to grant the necessary building permit.

The project had already received the green light from the Ministry of Tourism, so the report from the Ministry of the Environment was the final hurdle in granting permission. Management has verified that the hotel plans do not affect the Natura 2000 network. However, it requires that certain measures be applied in order to reduce the impact of the works.

The report establishes that clearing works and the relocation of certain specimens of flora must be “the essential minimum” and only in areas where it is strictly necessary. It must be in such a way that natural vegetation is maintained. Another provision is for “high volume” music playback. Due to the proximity of the Natura 2000 Network areas, it will not be possible to use the exteriors of the hotel to play music at high volume. In addition, lighting likely to produce light pollution in these areas is prohibited.

The expansion project will transform the hotel into a Five star luxury. The number of rooms will be reduced to 112 with 249 beds. There will be parking for 103 cars and 44 motorcycles. A conference room and a semi-buried spa with a view of the sea will be created.

Permission to work inside the hotel was granted by the town hall last summer. This involved demolish virtually the entire interior. The work then stopped while waiting for the authorizations to carry out the planned expansion within the hotel grounds.


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