Here are the main companies that have not withdrawn from Russia

  • While dozens of major companies are suspending their activities with Russia, several have not yet severed their ties.
  • Many of these companies are in the machinery, hospitality, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries.
  • Here is the list of companies still active in the country after its invasion of Ukraine.

Dozens of companies have now suspended business with Russia in response to its invasion of Ukraine, but some holdouts remain.

While many quickly withdrew from Russia following its attacks on Ukraine, others were slower to retreat. Companies like McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and Starbucks have been among the latest to join the growing list of departures from the country, as many face mounting consumer pressure and looming threats of boycotts.

Yet some companies remain reluctant to sever ties with European power, many of which are from industries such as heavy machinery, hospitality, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages.

Here are the other companies with significant ties to Russia that have not yet ceased operations with the country. It was compiled using several resources, including findings from Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, founder of the Yale Chief Executive Leadership Institute at Yale University, which tracks businesses in real time.


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