Haile Grand in Addis Ababa is now open for service


Haile sees more additions coming to its chains of hotels and resorts across Ethiopia.

Haile Gebreselassie delivering the Ethiopian New Year message (Photo: screenshot from Haile Hotels and Resorts video)


Ethiopian long-distance running legend Haile Gebrselassie is developing hotel chains across the country.

One of its largest hotels in the country opens on Ethiopian New Year’s Day – today is the first day of the Ethiopian New Year (remember you’d be seven years younger in Ethiopia because it’s 2015) .

The cost of the Haile Grand Addis Ababa project is 1.5 billion Ethiopian Birr, as revealed by Haile himself.

It is expected to start accepting room reservations from October 1, 2022. It is still working on other hotels in different parts of Ethiopia.

In an interview with Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC), he said his running career was inspired by legendary athletes like Abebe Bikila and Mirutse Yifter, and the inspiration for his hospitality business was Bekele Molla – among the pioneers of the hospitality industry in Ethiopia. He had hotel chains.

Haile Gebreselassie aims to grow the country’s hotel chain to 20. He is also into agriculture and automotive. In agriculture, he said, he intends to continue growing wheat with the aim of starting to export.

It has already created job opportunities for thousands of Ethiopians in different parts of the country. It also appears to be fulfilling corporate social responsibility.

In this interview, he announced that he was spending two million Ethiopian Birr to support children who cannot afford to buy notebooks and other necessary stationery.

Watch his interview below

Video: integrated from Fana TV’s Youtube channel


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