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One of Baha Mar’s exclusive swimming pools

Last fall, YeahThatsKosher broke news of the Bahamas resort, Baha Mar, opening a new kosher restaurant on-site, the first and only at a resort or hotel in the Caribbean. This opened up a whole new experience for observant Kosher Jews who want to get away from it all and relax without having to plan Kosher meals.

Since opening their Latin-Asian fusion kosher restaurant, Cinkothe restaurant invited me to come and experience the resort, the restaurant and other kosher offerings including Shabbat meals, kosher dining by the pool and room service, and kosher food to take away his coffee and report back to you.

If you don’t read further than this paragraph, you should know the following: I spent more than 3 days at Baha Mar Resort without leaving and without bringing kosher food with me. Not only did I not go hungry, but I was also impressed with almost every dish I tried. If you are looking for a relaxing kosher vacation with OR without the kids, I highly recommend spending some time at Baha Mar. Disclosure: I was invited by the resort to find out everything it had to offer and report back, so here we go.

Do you want specifics and details? Keep reading.

  1. Getting to Baha Mar
  2. The three hotels of Baha Mar
  3. Activities in Baha Mar
  4. Kosher options in Baha Mar
  5. Shabbat in Baha Mar
  6. Service in Baha Mar

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