Greenville residents weigh proposal for massive ski resort renovation


GREENVILLE, Maine (WABI) – The Maine Planning Commission held a public hearing Tuesday for a massive renovation proposal on Big Moose Mountain near Greenville.

The potential year-round ski resort on the 1,200-acre property would cost more than $113 million.

The old ski resort has not operated since 2004.

Big Lake Development Company’s proposal includes new ski lifts and zip lines, as well as a hotel, restaurant and event center, as well as infrastructure upgrades.

Proponents said it would create jobs and an economic boost for the community, while those against pointed to gaps in available financial information and questions about environmental issues, such as sewage.

“The benefit of introducing this operation is the 350 jobs available, with year-round opportunities for people,” said one resident.

“This project will help demonstrate state support to help revitalize some of our aging and struggling rural communities,” said Steve Levesque, former president of the Moosehead Lake Region Economic Development Corporation.

The cross-examination related to incomplete information in the financial planning of the project.

“The requester has not demonstrated adequate financial resources…We hope the developer will be able to provide the necessary information for you to approve the request, but has not yet done so.”

The public comment period is open until June 17, with a rebuttal period open until June 24.

The Commission will then decide on the permit application.

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