Former Construction Team Leader Says IH Group Should Inspect IPI Hotel-Casino | New


Former Imperial Pacific International construction workers’ team leader says IH Group should first inspect IPI’s unfinished hotel-casino in Garapan before investing in the Hong Kong-based company .

Former Imperial Pacific International construction team leader Jesse Aquiningoc looks at the rusting elevator of the unfinished IPI building in this photo taken two months ago.

In an interview on Monday, Jess Aquiningoc said the IPI hotel-casino building was in “very poor condition”.

Aside from a pile of debris inside the hotel’s unfinished tower, rainwater is flooding one of the casino’s VIP rooms which are now full of mold, he added.

Aquiningoc, who also claims the IPI still owes him $4,000 in vacation pay, said he was willing to show IH Group around the IPI building “so they can see for themselves what whom they will meet”.

He said there were “a lot of discrepancies” at the yard which he added did not meet US standards.

He said the building’s tower cranes are also full of rust and are “ripping apart”.

Asked for comment, local IH Group partner Vianney Hocog said the new investors had already inspected the hotel-casino building.

“We are doing our due diligence as we move forward with the investment deal with IPI,” he said, adding that IH Group plans to operate the casino and 15 luxury villas that face the beach.

IH Group will complete construction and pay some of IPI’s obligations, including unpaid wages, he added.

IH Group Chairman Kyunam Kim said earlier that he plans to invest around $150 million and is “carefully reviewing” his investment deal with IPI.


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