Elvis and the Mob Connection


Pictured, Elvis and Kirk Kerkorian sign a contract at The International Hotel

Watching Baz Luhrmann Elvis I was struck by the subtle associations with the crowd.

While on Beale Street, he bought clothes from the Lansky brothers who were connected to Meyer Lansky, their father Sam’s crime boss.

Kirk Kerkorian was one of the biggest names in Las Vegas history and he also owned the International Hotel Elvis. Kerkorian navigated the crowd-infested waters of Las Vegas. Kerkorian did, however, have dealings with Charles (the Blade) Tourine, a convicted smuggler. Tourine, was a reputed mafia boss in Philadelphia and South Jersey. In addition to owning Las Vegas’ International Hotels and acquiring 2.2 million MGM shares, Kerkorian hired Barbra Streisand and Elvis Presley for the resort’s grand opening, Elvis let Streisand open and followed her with 58 consecutive performances. Elvis revived his career in Las Vegas and continued to perform at the International until 1976, living in the penthouse suite during his stays in Las Vegas.

Kirk Kerkorian is posthumously defamed as beleaguered casino owner “Meyer Kohn”, played by Anthony Phelan


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