Donald Trump’s golf trip to Doonbeg resort will cost taxpayers €1million as he is entitled to security protection


Donald Trump will be subject to ‘high intensity’ security when he visits Ireland in the coming weeks – with the taxpayer footing a bill that is expected to top €1million.

he former US president is due to visit his five-star golf resort in Doonbeg, County Clare, for a two-to-three day golfing visit. He is expected to arrive in a private jet from August 25 and depart by August 30.

Security sources have confirmed that although Trump is not the incumbent US President, the gardaí are obliged to protect him at all costs against any threat while he is in Ireland. This is a “high intensity” security plan, in collaboration with the American secret services, which has already come into action.

“It may come as a surprise to the general public, but although he is no longer the President of the United States, he still has the right to be protected from any threats he may face in our state,” a security source said.

“The Irish taxpayer then pays for it, which understandably doesn’t sit well with a lot of people, because Trump not only goes to Ireland as a private citizen to play golf, but he’s also a deeply unpopular former world leader. .”


Donald Trump’s Doonbeg Golf Course and Hotel in Co Clare. Photo by Niall Carson

Donald Trump’s Doonbeg Golf Course and Hotel in Co Clare. Photo by Niall Carson

A separate source attached to Garda HQ said every former US president would also get security. However, Trump will not enjoy the same protection as US President Joe Biden should he visit.

“There will be an appropriate level of Garda security during Trump’s visit, not at the same level as the incumbent US President.

“But as a former U.S. president, he’s still entitled to his lifetime secret service.

“They still call him President Trump. Gardaí is liaising with the Secret Service.”

Over the past few weeks, the Special Detective Unit, in conjunction with US authorities, including the Secret Service, has been reviewing all potential threats that criminal elements may pose to Trump.

The Irish taxpayer then pays for it, which naturally doesn’t sit well with a lot of people

Plainclothes members of the Emergency Response Unit (ERU) will then be responsible for detail security while in Ireland.

Garda divers will also be deployed to ensure that any bodies of water Trump will be near – primarily the River Shannon – have not been covered in explosives. The former US president is due to land at Shannon Airport.

His golf resort and hotel will be thoroughly swept for explosives and any other viable threats each day during his visit, including course bunkers and water hazards.

If Trump intends to break out of Doonbeg, an advance ERU team will scour the area for potential threats.

Garda sniper teams will man the rooftops and be on standby if he goes anywhere there is potential for large groups.

Before heading to Ireland, the former White House occupant and his party will also visit and play golf at one of his Scottish resorts, Trump Turnberry.


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