Donald Trump International Hotel in DC Sold: Yelp Reviews


Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images

The Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC is no more. Its sale to Miami investment group CGI Merchant closed on Wednesday; the space, in the former post office building, will now become a Waldorf Astoria. (The deal – for a “record” $375 million, according to the Washington To post – will allow Trump to repay a $170 million loan to Deutsche Bank, even though the hotel has lost money over the four years of his presidency.) The hotel’s closure marks the end of an era, especially the era of people using their Yelp reviews to fight for their politics.

“We loved the huge American flag and large chandeliers in the atrium,” wrote one five-star Yelp reviewer. “They serve Jelly Beans, nuts and chips as bar snacks,” noted another, impressed with the selection: “I’ve never seen Jelly Beans in a bar before – but maybe that’s the key to making America great again!?” Another guest was delighted to see Donald and Melania at the hotel they owned, writing, “I don’t mess with everyone in the restaurant as well as downstairs in the huge lobby and the bar jumped up and started shouting, clapping, shouting, praising you name it… It was an amazing experience.”

And then there were the haters. “The price here is higher than other better quality hotels,” wrote one reviewer in March. “I guess we owners just want to take advantage of their name. Many options are available in the capital [sic].” “The decor is tacky as hell with T branding everywhere,” another reviewer offered. “They might as well stamp a gold letter T on your forehead the second you walk through their door.” One woman, who claims she went because all the other hotels were full, said she stayed there with her girlfriend: ‘Yeah gf, clearly we snuck out, suck trump.’ One simply noted, “It stinks.” (Pro-hotel reviewers complained that the complaints were “bogus.”)

In the end, Yelper Thomas P. announced the fate of the hotel in April. This is currently the senior and final exam. “Sad to see it go,” he wrote. “Waldorf is taking over this hotel starting Monday.”


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