Designer of the day: Fiona Lynch – SURFACE


Here we ask designers to take a selfie and give us a glimpse into their lives.

Occupation: Director of Fiona Lynch’s Office.

Instagram: @fionalynchoffice

Hometown: Melbourne.

Studio location: Carlton, Melbourne.

Describe what you make: We create high quality bespoke interior design, architecture and furniture. We also organize showcases of design and art objects in our Melbourne gallery, Work Shop.

The most important thing you’ve designed so far: The TarraWarra Museum of Art here in Australia was a profound project for us. It was artistically engaging and technically satisfying as we created solutions for this incredible and architecturally significant institution while respecting its current stature.

We redesigned the gallery foyer, defining the expansive multi-purpose space and creating a more curatorial feel for their retail experience. We’ve collaborated with local artists and designers on bespoke displays and harnessed beautiful materials and finishes like Victorian bluestone, hand-worked laminated metal, charred wood and amber resin. Our sinuous forms of bent steel shelving, spindle tables, custom display cases, and strategic placement of millwork allowed for new circulation routes in the cavernous space of the museum. Come visit!

Describe the problem your work solves: We work in spaces, so with our interiors, architecture and products, we solve problems around architectural idiosyncrasies and find solutions that unite multi-use spaces, whether for residences, retailers or n anyone in between. But one of our most important considerations, which underpins all of this, is the life cycle and environmental impact of our designs, as well as the furniture we select.

We favor materials, objects and furniture that are consciously produced, possess lasting qualities and will age gracefully. We use simple millwork and details that reduce waste from off-cuts, and our custom designs, which are implemented in almost every interior project, are designed to minimize maintenance and reduce energy consumption. global energy. We are all very passionate about this commitment and value staying in community with those who work in the same way.

Describe the project you are currently working on: We are working on the rooftop dining spaces for the upcoming Ace Hotel in Sydney, which is their first Australian property. We responded to its beautiful and sprawling view of the Surry Hills neighborhood, creating a dialogue with the city through colors, textures and materials. The palette came together quite organically to reflect the local landscape of native grasses, sandstone plateaus, hardened blue clay and lush eucalyptus. And we custom designed all the furniture for the space, textiles included. All materials were also sourced locally which was a challenge, but this intentionality translated very well into the rich experience of the interiors. We look forward to sharing more about this project soon.

A new or upcoming project we should know about: This month, we released our first capsule collection of furniture. It is an extension of the custom work and carpentry we have always done for our interiors, as well as our commitment to using sustainable materials, and draws inspiration from our designs for the Ace Hotel in Sydney which will open its doors soon. The collection is produced locally with scraps that have been turned into pigment for the textile pattern, as well as reclaimed wood and broken glass offcuts. We were fortunate to have some great crafting partners to bring this to life including Jacquie Hacansson, Ross Thompson, Spacecraft, Studio Volker Haugand Fiona Lyda, whose recent Melbourne Design Week shows the collection debuted.

We also have a really exciting interiors project that will be completed next month: a penthouse in Melbourne. The kitchen is a jewel-like specimen, crafted with custom metals ranging from gold to silver to inky black, with an electric blue sculptural shelf. It’s quite convincing!

What you absolutely must have in your studio: We always have music in the studio. It seems to help everyone focus and keep the mood lively. Right now we’re listening to a lot of solange Radio.

What you do when you’re not working: I love walking my dog, Moby. He’s quite rambunctious so it’s good for both of us to go for walks. It also prepares me for a group trek I’m doing in June. I can’t wait to get some respite in nature, but I have to make sure the dog gets me in good shape for it!

Sources of creative desire:Charlotte Perriand. His work, his genius, his philosophy. We are constantly inspired by her.

The distraction you want to eliminate: Mobile phones and e-mails! If only!

Concrete or marble? Marble.

High-rise building or townhouse? Of great height.

Remember or forget? Forget.

Aliens or ghosts? Ghosts.

Dark or light? Dark.


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