Demand for hotel rooms in Sauraha skyrockets as UML’s 10th General Convention approaches – myRepublica


KATMANDU, November 23: A total of 3,500 hotel rooms in Sauraha have been reserved for the 10th UML CPN General Convention. The party said it had reserved such a large number of hotel rooms for representatives of the General Convention. The event is scheduled for November 26-28.

Previously, the party had reached an agreement with the Regional Association of Hotels, requesting the latter’s facilitation to guarantee hotel rooms to guests of the event.

Association president Deepak Bhattarai said it was difficult for them to guarantee hotel rooms under the agreement. “We are not even able to answer all the phone calls due to the high demand for hotel rooms,” he said.

CPN-UML lawmaker Krishna Bhakta Pokhrel, who takes responsibility for managing hotel rooms for the General Convention, also said he faces a serious challenge in managing rooms according to demand.

Although the hotels in Sauraha have 6,500 beds in total, not all of the rooms were usable. Despite the representatives and guests of the General Convention, a large number of cadres and party leaders are expected to be in the city for the event. Their number is likely to be greater than that of representatives and guests. In addition, a significant number of journalists will also be present to cover the event.

Former hotel association president Suman Ghimire said he was receiving phone calls requesting the availability of at least one bed. Of the total number of beds available here, 3,500 were reserved for the event while the rest were already reserved by tourists and party executives.

Now, demand has shifted to nearby Bharatpur, Ratnanagar and Gaindakot, as hotels are also booked there for the mega event.



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