‘Creepers’ – Lionsgate Adapts Creator ‘Rambo’ Horror Novel Set in an Abandoned Hotel


Berkeley Brady directed the next horror movie dark nature, which will have its world premiere on July 18 at the Fantasia International Film Festival. The film has been dubbed a “blood-soaked survival thriller,” and although that first clip from dark nature features none of that aforementioned blood, it’s imbued with a level of dread that reminds us Lowering.

dark nature is said to be “an anxiety-inducing horror-thriller set and filmed in the vast Canadian Rockies almost entirely with practical effects and real stunts. With a predominantly female cast, the film intimately explores themes of trauma and friendship through its meaningful performances – never shy of twists and gory scares.

In the film, “Joy, a survivor of domestic abuse, joins her friend Carmen and her therapy group on a lonely weekend in the Canadian Rockies. Led by the enigmatic Dr. Dunnley—whose methods are experimental and, at times, dubious from Joy’s outward perspective—the experiment eventually breaks down the line between reality and illusion.

“Joy begins to suspect that they are being stalked by her attacker, when in truth the whole group will be forced to face a threat even more terrifying than the monsters of their past.”

Hannah Emily Anderson, Madison Walsh, Roseanne Supernault, and Kyra Harper star.

The film also features the first-ever film music composed by acclaimed Canadians and Métis. art-rock bandaged Ghost guardian. Epic Pictures co-financed and is handling worldwide sales.


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