Covid hotel quarantine: NSW Revenue looking for $60m in unpaid bills


There are nearly $60 million in unpaid hotel quarantine bills in New South Wales. See what power NSW Revenue has to make people pay.

NSW owes nearly $60million to people who failed to pay their hotel quarantine bills.

New information from NSW Revenue on Friday showed that residents of the state owed around $32.1 million and residents of the highway – mainly in Victoria and Queensland – and overseas owed $26.5 million. millions of dollars.

That’s a whopping $58.6 million.

Hotel quarantine in the state was free at the start of the pandemic, then the Berejiklian government introduced fees in July 2020.

A mandatory 14-day hotel quarantine resulted in a cost of $3,000 for an adult. Additional adults cost $1,000 each and children under 18 $500 each. Children under three were free.

This means that a family of two adults and two children would owe $5,000.

International arrivals were required to do 14 days of hotel quarantine from March 2020 to November 2021.

People entering Australia from overseas have often flown into Sydney and quarantined their hotel there when other state governments have made it difficult for them to fly directly to their home state.

There were also times when interstate travelers from Victoria had to do hotel quarantine to enter NSW.

Unvaccinated international arrivals were still required to do hotel quarantine until April 30, but from February 21 it was reduced to seven days and costs were halved.

According to Revenue NSW, people received their bill by email or post after leaving and had 30 days to pay.

A 14 day extension or payment plan was available.

Revenue NSW has issued debt collection orders on $52.6 million from 63,354 overdue invoices.

If money due, including late fees, is not paid after a debt collection order is issued, NSW Revenue may take debt collection action.

This can include a bank or third party wage garnishment, which is when your bank or employer has to deduct money from your account or salary to pay the amount owed.

Debt collection action also includes foreclosure orders (property from your home or workplace may be seized), subpoenas (order to appear in court) or a land charge for property that belong to you (prevents you from selling).

The remaining $7.4 million is being repaid through active payment plans.

People can apply for a quarantine fee waiver here.


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