CNN’s supposed tweet about the hotel is changed


A screenshot of what looks like a tweet from CNN’s verified Twitter account shows a building surrounded by rubble and a description that places the photo in Ukraine.

“These are the remains of the former Ukrainian resort hotel Peace after the airstrike by Russian bombers,” reads the purported and poorly edited tweet, which is accompanied by three emojis of the Ukrainian flag and the hashtag #StandingWithUkraine.

Another Twitter account, sharing the screenshot, suggested CNN was using fake news to help Ukraine.

“Ukrainian Hotel Mir, which CNN reporters say was ruthlessly shelled by Russian Armed Forces,” the tweet read. “Oh no, wait. This is the Serbian resort of Zvonachka-Banya, awaiting reconstruction. By the way, they are looking for an investor. Send a thank you to CNN for the announcement.”

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Matt Dornic, a CNN spokesperson, told us that the screenshot of what looks like a CNN tweet is fake.

“CNN did not release this photo or text in regards to our coverage of the war in Ukraine,” he said.

We found no evidence that CNN tweeted this or used the hashtag #StandingWithUkraine. This is not on twitter, and even if an account deletes a tweet, an echo remains in Google search results where you can see some of what a tweet said even if the link is dead. No such trace exists for this one.

Looking for all hotel tweets of this CNN account, the most recent is from January and concerns the death of comedian Bob Saget. We also couldn’t find any news reports about the Mir hotel in Kyiv on the CNN site. On March 12, the network reported that Russian missiles and airstrikes had caused damage in northern and southern kyiv, including at the Hotel Ukraine, about 100 kilometers north of the city of Chernihiv.


Make a reverse image search for the building in the tweet we found a link to a YouTube video from 2020 titled “Hotel Mir, Zvonacka Banja 2020”. It shows drone footage of the building, which is in disrepair.

We are evaluating claims that this tweet is genuine False.


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