Close. Ali talks to Reg. 2 development agenda with the opening of a new hotel – Guyana press room


With the opening on Friday of a new multi-million dollar hotel in Cinderalla County, President Irfaan Ali promoted region two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) as a special development zone that would advance investment opportunities.

President Irfaan Ali inspects a room in the new Jaigobin hotel

The head of state was speaking to Henrietta on the Essequibo coast as he helped officially open the doors of the new $ 200 million Jaigobin hotel.

He explained that the development initiatives planned for the Region cover technology, infrastructure, tourism, services and the ICT sector.

“Before I get to these thematic areas, let me tell you that we will be declaring RegionTwo as one of the regions of the Special Development Zone,” he told a puzzled gathering of residents and leaders of the region. ‘business.

The president said specific legislation will be tabled in parliament to recognize the area with specific incentives aimed at attracting more investors to the region and the country by extension.

To complement this initiative, the president explained that major infrastructure projects will be carried out in the region, including the opening of more than 10,000 acres of land to residents.

President Ali also said there will be huge investments in infrastructure, drainage and irrigation, and farm-to-market roads, among other initiatives.

The Head of State also explained that there will be significant investments in the service sector, especially the health sector, to make it “world class”.

“We will spend every penny it takes to bring first-class primary health care to every citizen. In the next budget you will see some specific health care announcements that will be mind blowing. “

The president also pointed out that the government has already secured funding for a fully-fledged state-of-the-art hospital for the region. He said his government is very focused on his vision.

“We do not question our policies and our programs. We do not question our vision. We know exactly the path we are going to take.

Resources, he said, will be available to develop land in region two that will live up to ICC standards with a full stadium.

A bar area at the new Jaigobin hotel

In terms of security, the President reiterated that CCTV’s current Safe City program will be expanded to the entire county as part of the Safe Country Program.

“Very soon you will see CCTV cameras, you will see the technology platform but more importantly, your county’s command center safe as part of the country. Your command center will be located here in region two. It is part of the decentralization of our securities network. What does it mean? This means that at least 50 young people will need to be trained to run this command center. “


The Head of State also underlined the importance of tourism in Guyana, in particular in the “County of Cinderella”.

He said sport fishing is a huge market that Guyana can tap into and stressed that the government will move towards developing legislation for hunting that requires a price and a season.

“So we have sport fishing, we can easily create a green tourism product here. We have all the ingredients for one of its strongest green tourism products with eco-lodges and so on. We have savannas. The savannas of the Region are exceptional for camping, nature, and with the right equipment, sports tourism.

Lobby of the new Jaigobin hotel

“You have a government that is ready to listen to you and work with you to come up with ideas. Come up with a plan and we’ll help you develop it.

The president also recalled that his government will develop a learning center for higher education, hotel management, pharmacy and other specialized fields. “So, as much as possible, the human resource that we need for the construction of this region must come from the region, that’s the goal.

Agriculture was also discussed at length, the president stressing his happiness to see the fields sowing rice during his flight.

He added that Agriculture Minister Honorable Zulfikar Mustapha will launch a new smart agriculture initiative to encourage youth participation.

“They will build greenhouses and in a controlled manner; we can do high value products, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower. At the moment, we are finalizing the efforts for this. We are also finalizing our efforts to diversify the flower market. »(Extracted and modified from the press release of the Office of the President)


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