CLEAR enters the hospitality industry through a partnership with Virdee


After helping to make traveling through airports easier than ever, secure identity company CLEAR has entered the hospitality and resort industry through a partnership with hospitality startup Virdee.

According to, CLEAR’s partnership will integrate its secure identity platform into Virdee’s suite of solutions to enable self-service check-in for travelers.


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Existing CLEAR members can verify their identity at check-in by presenting a photo of themselves at the hotel kiosk, while non-members can register for free in just a few steps.

“This integration and partnership with CLEAR gives us a fully seamless self-service environment across all hotel touchpoints and a fully digitized experience across all travel touchpoints,” said the co-founder of Virdee, Nadav Corberg.

Virdee’s technology powers kiosks and mobile apps, where guests can process payments, personalize their stay, and receive a mobile or physical key without stopping at reception.

“Travelers can now use CLEAR to verify their identity at several key touchpoints: at the airport, to secure ground transportation, and to check into their hotel,” Corberg continued. “Hotel owners benefit from another solution powered by Virdee to help them improve guest satisfaction, increase efficiency and streamline check-in tasks.”

In January, CLEAR acquired Whyline as part of an effort to bring virtual queuing technology to airports, as well as industries such as banking, retail and government services. CLEAR has more than 13 million members and hundreds of partners around the world, including airports and stadiums.

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