cial: Covid slows down Cial’s hotel project | Kochi News

Kochi: The five-star hotel facing the airport is one of the main projects of Cochin International Airport Ltd (Cial) as part of increasing its non-aero vertical, but it will probably take more than a year and demi to complete the project as the pandemic slowed its work. Sources said the structure of the hotel building, which is one of Cial’s most significant land use projects to raise revenue, was completed amid the pandemic, but many works are in progress. waiting.
The project, worth Rs 30 crore, was initially launched as a shopping complex, but Cial management later decided to turn it into a flagship hotel, which would be a more viable and profitable venture, considering the lack of luxury hotels near the airport. Once construction is complete, an operator will be identified by Cial to manage the hotel.
The five-star, 112-room hotel sprawls over four acres of Cial land right next to the airport entrance and occupies a building footprint of 2.04 lakh square feet. In addition to the basement and the ground floor, the hotel will have six floors, and the terrace will house a specialty restaurant, a service bar, etc. The fully air-conditioned hotel is located opposite the airport and offers stunning views of the runway.
Other features include a 440m² banquet hall facing the runway, two boardrooms and a terrace dining room with panoramic airport views. The model room was installed in the hotel. Apart from Cial management, Industry Minister P Rajeeve also visited the site to review the hotel project amid the pandemic last year.
“The pandemic has affected the aviation industry, leading to a sharp drop in airport revenues. Management has therefore focused on increasing the company’s non-airline revenues. Cial is also preparing several short and long-term projects. term to activate new revenue streams. Cial has also planned several value-added projects to be completed this year so that the non-air component of the revenue pie can grow from the current 40% to 60%,” a source said.

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