Chael Sonnen ‘went wild’ in alleged hotel brawl


Details have finally started to emerge regarding an alleged Las Vegas hotel hallway brawl involving Chael Sonnen on Dec. 18, and they’re pretty disturbing.

Sonnen was first questioned and released by police immediately after the incident, and later charges related to the situation were dismissed without prejudice by a judge. But in mid-March, police filed a new set of charges against Sonnen, including one count of assault by strangulation and 10 misdemeanor assault charges.

A civil lawsuit has also been filed by Christopher and Julie Stellpflug, claiming that an apparently inebriated Sonnen knocked a drink out of his hand and then attacked him “without provocation or communication of any kind. “. Sonnen wandered barefoot down the hallway of the Four Seasons hotel next to the Mandalay Bay and wore a torn and bloody t-shirt at the time.

“I just want people to know it was a totally unprovoked attack,” Christopher Stellpflug told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “We were just walking into our room to plan a sushi dinner. We didn’t do anything wrong, and this guy went wild.

The lawsuit says another hotel guest had to stop Sonnen from choking Mr Stellpflug, only to get attacked and elbow him in the face. Sonnen then allegedly attacked Ms Stellpflug, throwing her against a wall and punching her in the face. The filing alleges that several hotel employees were also assaulted by Sonnen, including a security guard who was kneeled in the face and another who was kicked in the chest.

Metropolitan Police Department reports obtained by the Las Vegas Review-Journal also mention another hotel guest who was attacked before the Stellpflugs. This man claimed to have opened his bedroom door and been “randomly punched” in the jaw by Sonnen. He locked himself in his room and called hotel security.

Police reports indicate that Sonnen’s wife, Brittany, had visible injuries during questioning, but claimed she had taken an Ambien and was sleeping in her bedroom during the events in question.

“I then began questioning Brittany about how she got her injuries, but she wasn’t sure how she got them,” an officer wrote in the report, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “I then asked her about any domestic disputes or abuse between her and her husband where Brittany said Chael had never been violent with her.”

Sonnen has been suspended from all ESPN broadcasting duties while the network investigates the situation. A court date has been set for Wednesday March 30 regarding the criminal charges against him.


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