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BUILDINGS aren’t just brick and mortar. They also provide shelter, and in some cases they are works of art and cultural symbols.

As an architectural and interior design photographer, it is Tevin Mills’ job to capture the lines, curves, symmetry and form of buildings and interior spaces.

Mills is fascinated by buildings and interiors. Since 2019, he has been bringing a new perspective on real estate, interior design and hospitality to T&T and the Caribbean with his company TRM Photographic Services. His photography journey started in 2010 when he got his first camera phone.

“I took photos of anything and everything and spent time learning how to edit photos. I did this for many years until I got my first camera, and I continued to develop my skills and process digital photographs,” he said.

Mills spent the early years of his career as a landscape and travel photographer, but there was something about fine art photos of skyscrapers and urban architecture that captivated him. Although T&T can hardly boast of skyscrapers and sophisticated public architecture, Mills learned that there is a market for interior design, real estate, hotel and architectural photographers.

“It was not a service offered by any other photographer here in Trinidad as a specialty. Most of the time it was a wedding photographer or some other type of photographer trying to take pictures of a building or of a hotel without specializing in architectural photography,” he said.

Mills decided to take a risk and grow the market. Architectural photography is not just about taking pictures of buildings and spaces, there are several things that come into play including weather, time of day and of course lighting. Although Mills insists he doesn’t have a more creative eye than most, what sets his work apart from other photographers is his attention to detail. When Mills first enters a room or building, his initial instinct is to admire the space, then his brain races as he imagines the best way to transfer the beauty of the space into a photograph. .

One of his most memorable jobs was photographing “La Rivera”, designed by Randall Waddell of HomeWork Design Studio and winner of the International Property Award for Best Residential Interior Design. Mills managed to capture the antique themes of the dining room which tastefully transitioned into a modern kitchen.

Architectural photography preserves history since many buildings that stand today could be demolished and replaced with more modern buildings in the future. It also improves the hotel and real estate industry which relies on aesthetic photos to attract guests and customers.

“I would love to be able to provide international hotel brands with a collection of high-quality images for their use,” said Mills, who has already built an impressive portfolio.

Architectural photography still remains a niche market in T&T, but for Mills, who has years of experience in landscape, portrait and wedding photography, he feels he is finally where his love for photography and his passion for architecture meet.


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