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Second move attempt Ukrainian refugees of resorts and hotels on the Black Sea coast inland. 74 people boarded the train in Varna, while Sunday there were only 5 Ukrainians at the station.

According to some of those already housed in the resort of Panichishte, there were not enough good conditions such as shops and pharmacies. And according to refugee crisis headquarters staff, the information campaign for relocation has been delayed.

The refugees arrival in the capital late in the evening. The volunteers greeted them with sandwiches and water, and then the Ukrainians left for the resort town of Panichishte.

Most likely, Ukrainian the citizens gave up at the last minute yesterday. We have organized buses and trains. Declarations were distributed in hotels, which Ukrainians must sign“, said Konstantin Botev, a state expert at the Department of Tourism Policy of the Ministry of Tourism.

The main reason for the refusal of transport yesterday was the complete lack of information from the crisis cell and the refugee agency. It was very clear that they would not stay in hotels. It was expected that they would be moved to places where they could integrate into Bulgarian society. There are no answers, they worry about the unknown“, commented Roman Kuvaev – a volunteer who helps refugees.

After realizing that they would be transferred to Panichishte, the refugees started asking questions. There were no answers. They looked for information on the internet and saw that the population of Panichishte was 9 people. And again they began to ask questions – is there a pharmacy there, is there a store – there were still no answers“, he added.

People departing today from Sunny Beach will be accommodated in hotels in Varna. According to Konstantin Botev, Ukrainians are informed of their destination. “Information is needed for those who have chosen to travel by their own means of transport,” he explained.

The President of the State Agency for Refugees Mariana Tocheva threatens that, where appropriate, the Ukrainian refugees would eventually be housed in the migrant center in Elhovo.

In the past few days alone, more than 1,200 Ukrainian citizens left Sunny Beach. Most of them went to Ukraine. On Sunday, a small part by bus, then by train, left for a seaside resort in our country. Only the 80 people who will leave today for the station will benefit from state aid.

At dawn, Ukrainian the citizens, who have declared that they will be leaving the hotel complex today, are packing their bags. Part will travel to Ukraine by private transport, as the support program for hoteliers with 40 BGN per day ends on May 31. However, some refugees are unable to return home and will therefore benefit from state aid. However, they do not know where they will be accommodated.

We don’t know yet where we are going to travel. Nobody tells us anything. We are ignorant “, explained Victoria, who is about to travel.

Now the girls who left yesterday have written to us. They are high in the mountains. This is especially dangerous for adults because of their blood pressure. There was no hospital, 10 km away was the nearest settlement“, says another Ukrainian – Helen.

The representative of the Refugee Agency, Kiril Atanasov, refrained from giving a specific answer on where people will be accommodated.

Today, however, there were tears of gratitude. “Thank you very much for accepting us. We are from Chernihiv. Kids, we’ve been here almost two months. Thank you very much – they fed us, gave us water, we had shelter“, Lena said through tears.

Tomorrow the transport of Ukrainian refugees continue to

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