British Virgin Islands scraps testing requirements for travelers


In a major change, the British Virgin Islands has scrapped pre-testing requirements for travellers, the Caribbean Journal has learned.

This means that travelers no longer have to present proof of a negative test to enter British Overseas Territory.

Travelers are also no longer required to undergo screening on arrival for Covid, according to the destination’s latest health update.

The British Virgin Islands now follow neighboring US Virgin Islands, which made the same move in May.

This could be a big boost for the British Virgin Islands, whose tourism industry has suffered badly since the start of the pandemic.

A room at the Anegada Beach Club, the best boutique hotel in the BVI.

“Travelers are urged to take appropriate precautions to prevent infection with the virus if necessary, such as general disinfection and hand washing measures,” the British Virgin Islands government said in a statement. “The wearing of face masks/coverings is no longer required by law, but is permitted by choice in public spaces, or as a policy of a place of business or other establishment.”

The British Virgin Islands are now part of a growing set of destinations that do not require any tests or proof of vaccination to enter.

This includes the US Virgin Islands, Grenada, Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, and more recently Belize.

A number of other destinations have dropped testing requirements but continue to require proof of vaccination to enter.

To find out more, visit British Virgin Islands Tourism.


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