Boris and Carrie Johnson on honeymoon in a Slovenian eco-resort “with soothing energies”


But the excitement can be attributed to the fact, revealed by a local hairdresser, that the most famous person they are used to seeing is Jan Plestenjak, a Slovenian pop star much less recognizable to international audiences.

While there, Mr Johnson was spotted cycling with his bodyguards, and he and his wife were also seen visiting the nearby tourist hotspot of Lake Bled.

If the fresh mountain air has whetted their appetites, the good news is that the hotel is home to a gourmet restaurant offering hearty dishes such as bear cheeks, lemon trout, fermented chestnut agnolotti and bee pollen ice cream.

Bear meat is a delicacy in Slovenia, which has one of the highest densities of brown bears in the world.

Downing Street had wanted to keep the couple’s location secret for security reasons, but Robert Golob, the Slovenian Prime Minister, blew their cover on Friday confirming the couple were in his country.

The couple arrived on a commercial flight on Wednesday and left on Sunday evening in preparation for Mr Johnson’s return to work in Downing Street on Monday.

The Jezersko region, on the border with Austria, is lyrically described by the local tourist board as part of “Europe’s green pearl” and is a favorite with hikers, climbers and mountain bikers.


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