BON Hotels expands operations in Nigeria and Ghana


BON Hotels International West Africa has become the pioneer of innovation and world-class services in the hospitality and tourism sector in the region.

Despite this commendable growth in a relatively short time, the hotel chain is poised to further expand its business in Nigeria and the region, bringing in the process true international standards of operation and consistency to enhance guest experience, add value to its communities, its Nigerian supplier base and the training of locals at all levels.

According to the management, this involves the development and expansion of more than 4,600 hotel rooms, spread over 60 hotels in major cities in Nigeria and 6 cities in Ghana.

Hotel management said the strategic expansion is vital to improving the state of the hospitality and tourism sector in these regions, while tackling unemployment and making a significant contribution to economic growth with creating incredible training opportunities.

As an innovative global brand, BON Hotels prides itself on its ability to understand its operating environment and its passion for creating holistic tourism tours that benefit the whole country, as well as its extensive operating experience in the ground in Nigeria, West Africa and Africa at large over the past 20 years to foster exponential growth. This experience has been instrumental in helping the brand with a series of achievements over the years, especially during and after the COVID-19 period.

BON Hospitality West Africa’s Development Director, Bernard Cassar, says: “We have over 60 international hotel management agreements in place, 15 of which are already fully operational and in a few months seven hotels are expected to open. By the end of the second quarter of this year, BON Hotels will be operational in over 20 hotels in major cities such as Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Kano, Warri, Ekiti and Akure.

Other areas are Ogbomosho, Owerri, Asaba, Awka, Enugu to name a few and around 6 hotels are expected to be launched in Ghana in the same quarter. We have over 3800 rooms signed, under construction, rehab or already open, and other pipeline projects are underway in locations around Kwara, Ilorin, Aba, Oguta, Umuahia, Kaduna, Oyo and Maiduguri.

“As the fastest growing hotel group in Africa and the largest in Nigeria, we manage hotels on behalf of other credible international brands alongside our own brand BON Hotels, we are part Nigerian owned and plan to be majority Nigerian in line with our strategic intent of ‘African Survival of Africa’ and ‘Good Things Can Come From Africa’.

“We have also launched our hotel training institute which trains Nigerians at all levels with international accreditation, and our own technology company to ensure that the best technology is affordable and naira-based,” he said. in a statement released yesterday.


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